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Slovenian company engaged in production and sales of plant seeds is willing to act as a distributor to sell products of companies form the Netherlands

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Wholesale of grain, unmanufactured tobacco, seeds and animal feeds


Slovenian trading and distribution company specializing in the production and sales of seeds for agricultural and garden use is upgrading its network of suppliers. Therefore they are looking for suppliers of seeds for salad plants from the Netherlands that would be interested to supply their products and thus extend their sales also on the Slovenian market. Cooperation should be based on a distribution services agreement.



Slovenian company was founded in 1974, but it is based on more than 100 years of tradition in production and sales of seeds.

The company is providing seed material (seeds, bulbs and plants for planting) necessary for the cultivation of agricultural and ornamental plants. It is well recognized in Slovenia and its selected top quality seeds are valued among customers.

The development of science and industry resulted in supplementing the traditional selection of seed-producing plants by the planned cultivation of new varieties by means of crossing, namely selecting maternal and paternal plants and transfer of pollen. Maintenance selection methods for self-pollinated and open-pollinated plants were established, as well as genetic biotechnological methods for the cultivation of new varieties.

The company is constantly striving towards improving the quality of the production of food, taking care of a more quality use of leisure time and a better arrangement of the living environment. The development of the company is based on its own products and services.

The company offers products in its own retail sale, as well as in wholesale and internet sales all over Slovenia.

The main goals of the company are:
- Providing the top quality of seeds;
- Establishing new retail units;
- Developing new products and trademarks;
- Spreading its business to foreign markets;
- Updating and increasing its own production;
- Implementing work on varietal selection (breeding) of its own and representational varieties on home and foreign markets;
- Organizing seed production for foreign partners.

The new product that should be supplied are seeds for the salad plants as described in Technical Specification section.

The company is looking for Dutch producers of salad seeds, interested in selling their products on the Slovenian market. The company is interested in signing a Distribution Service Agreement.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
The company preserves indigenous Slovenian varieties, domesticated varieties and develop new Slovenian varieties. It takes care of varieties that are typical for Slovenia’s climate and eating habits. This contributes to the richness of Slovenian gene vegetable material. All specific varieties are "living", which means that people sown, raise and enjoy them. Basic seed for more than 50 varieties of vegetables is being raised at its Selection and Testing Centre. The company maintains seeds for over 70 different varieties and 26 different plant species, of which there are 37 autochthonous Slovenian varieties. With the successful seeding of domestic and foreign varieties, they have been building trust for their consumers for a good century. Due to its high quality offer for decades, they have attracted the interest of foreign seed consumers and are among the best seed companies in the region and beyond. The sales and distribution experts of the company have a rich commercial and technical experience at the sales of seeds and advising with the growing of plats. Through its own sales centres, the company is covering the complete area of Slovenia.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The company is looking for producers of seeds for growing salad plants. Salad plants should be resistant to the lower temperature. Cultivated plants should be ready for planting in the spring and ready for consummation in the summer and autumn. Salad leaves should be intense green.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for suppliers of seeds for salad plants from Netherlands who would be interested to expand their sales activities on the Slovenian market. They should be ready for a long-term cooperation based on Distribution service agreement including all necessary commercial assistance for the sales on the local market.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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