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Slovenian company is looking for distributors of natural and fair-trade products for hair and skin treatment

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A company from Slovenia is specialized in providing natural hair masks, colors, oils and powders for hair and skin treatment, while following tradition and fair trade concepts in production. They are looking for distributors and agents to expand their products to other markets and countries in a form of distribution services agreement.



A company from north-west part of Slovenia is specialized in providing products and services using natural cosmetics for hair and skin treatment. The company uses completely natural ingredients for their products, while following principles of fair trade and sustainable business practices.

Recipes and practices for their products nurture the tradition of how products are made in the original way and with that, they continue to pass the cultural heritage to current and future generations. They completely avoid any use of artificial chemicals. Products have several standards/certificates like Ecocert (Raw material, Cosmos Organic), USDA Organic, India Organic, Cruelty-free and Original origin of Tahiti.

Essential criteria for selecting suppliers is to ensure to guarantee no products were tested on animals at any stage of development or production process. Company representatives carefully verify conditions under which materials and products are being made (ingredients, plants, working conditions, organic plant cultivation). Suppliers come from India and Tahiti. Control is also performed with products in stock to ensure their quality and freshness, while for whole distribution process the shortest possible routes are selected, even with delivery to consumers.

The company’s range of products offers (1) different hair products (herbal masks, oils, colours and shampoos), (2) oils and powders for skin treatment and (3) accessories (hand-made wooden comb, hair dye brush, headscarf). Some products excel in strengthening hair follicles, preventing early hair greying or hair loss, while others are suitable for wound infections, burns and scars because of their antimicrobial effects; others still moisturise and calm the skin. Products can be bought in an online shop, both domestically and abroad, or at selected retailers focused in ecological and environmentally friendly products. Majority of products are marketed under same trademark that exhibits the values and business orientation of the company. Company also provides quality consultancy services regarding hair issues.
They also participate in raising awareness of use of natural ingredients in daily situations, by organizing workshops and educational programmes.

The company is interested in cooperation with distributors and agents in a form of distribution services agreement to expand its sales network to foreign countries. Subject of agreement are different hair products, oils, powders and accessories. Partners should have experience with natural, organic and fair trade products. Depending on conditions that partner can ensure, even exclusive agreements for specific areas or locations can be negotiated. Through cooperation both companies will gain – partners will expand their customer base and will provide additional products and services, while the company will increase its presence and recognition in new markets / countries.

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The company has a wide range of products made of natural ingredients. Compared to similar artificial chemical products, organic (herbal) cosmetics for hair and skin: - helps with many hair issues like dryness, dandruff, itching and oily scalp - restores natural value of pH - increases hair volume, flexibility, silky touch and brilliance - improves hair structure - is user and environmentally friendly The company has extensive know-how of all phases of the manufacturing process of products, its best application and effects. They provide support in a form of consultancy services, organized workshops and educational programmes. Their ubiquitous engagement is recognised by customers and has been promoted in articles in national newspapers and magazines.

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The company is looking for partners from other countries for distribution and dissemination of their line of products for hair and skin treatment with natural ingredients in their respective markets. As form of cooperation, a distribution services agreement is considered. The company will provide products according to its commitment to sustainability and fair trade concepts with other support to partners, while the latter will be responsible for distribution and providing information to customers when needed.

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