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A Slovenian company offers manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of high-quality PVC and aluminium windows & doors

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Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Manufacture of buildersĀ“ ware of plastic
Manufacture of doors and windows of metal


A Slovenian company offers manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of high-quality PVC and aluminium windows & doors and is looking for a partner on the basis of subcontracting and manufacturing agreements. It is also interested in commercial agency agreement.



A Slovenian family company has been a manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors in PVC and aluminum for residential and commercial buildings for almost 20 years. It offers a complete service: counselling, measurement, design, supply of quality materials (made in Germany), manufacture and assembly of the products. The products are made according to wishes of the customer (measures, colours, types). The company also provides its customers with complete maintenance and supplies spare parts.
The company also manufactures additional products: all kinds of shades (roller shutters, Venetian blinds, blinds, shutters, etc.) and other components that clients need for a complete service.
Relazzo decking for terraces (produced from wood and polymer composite) are also offered.

Products of the company are displayed in its two showrooms, which are located on the site of the manufacturing plant.
In the last few years, the company has made business in Germany, Austria and Italy. It is planning to further expand their business to foreign countries.

The company offers its products and services to a partner and is interested in subcontracting and manufacturing agreements. It is also looking for a partner to sell its products on the foreign market and is offering a commercial agency agreement.

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The company offers a complete service of manufacturing and assembly of products (measurement, design, production, installation) and maintenance after installation. All products are made by the company itself and of quality materials (made in Germany). The products are certified and made according to SIST-EN standards. Their advantages are thermal and sound insulation, security, durability, simple maintenance, ekay home systems for access etc. The advantages of the company are also a quick responsiveness and short-term delivery of products.

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- Companies interested would be active in the construction sector, with a need of doors & windows to implement to buildings. They would cooperate on a basis of manufacturing or subcontracting agreements. The company will also provide services of installation. - Commercial agents or representatives with network capacity within the construction industry are also searched for to cooperate on a basis of a commercial agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500