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Slovenian company seeks distributors/representative agents for pet care products and textile fresheners

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A Slovenian company is looking for distributors, representative agents and/or sub-distributors for top quality petcare products and textile fresheners, primarily in United Kingdom, Germany and Israel. Cooperation is sought in the form of a distribution services or commercial agency agreement.



A Slovenian company established in 2013, active in petcare products and home fragrances, is offering special formulated pet care products with the appropriate pH for animal’s skin and natural extracts. Products offer protection as well as healthy and shiny fur and water-based textile fresheners that are recommend for their beds, carpets, pillows. Fresheners are offered in seven different long-lasting fragrances. Products are made of natural components and have aromatic compounds for female and male pets.

The company offers:
- Pets products: shampoos, pets’ perfumes, anti-insects’ repellents
- Textile products: textile fresheners, iron water.

The company offers distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements. The goal is to increase the visibility and sales of products by promoting them on the market with the help of distributors and representative agents. To achieve this goal, distribution and placement of products to target customers will be achieved through pet shops; selected private shops; distribution branches in established shopping centers.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
1. Unique and innovative natural products with natural ingredients. 2. Fragrances are appropriate for pets rather than just for human taste. 3. Products do not cause irritation or leave any marks. 4. Ingredients of natural origin - the biologically active substances used in the cosmetic products of the company are entirely natural or organic. 5. Comparing to competitors' products the raw materials used in the products are free from harmful chemicals and are not dangerous for the environment. 6. Packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials. 7. The manufacturer complies with all environmental and waste management standards. 8. Established trademark. 9. Products are not present in the sought-after markets. 10. Possibilities of private labelling. 11. Possible exclusive rights for the market. 12. Quality certificates. 13. Made in EU comparing to some other competitors, which are not always producing in EU.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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SME distributors and representative agents wanted primarily in the UK, Germany and Israel to help increase sales of the products, develop the distribution network for products being offered and increase visibility on the markets of selected countries. Experience in international business preferred. Distributors (or sub-distributors) will be expected to show the products to potential customers and will have relevant knowledge in marketing, sales management, contemporary distribution techniques. Good contacts and a network in the wholesale business desired. Cooperation opportunities include commercial agency agreements. Cooperation is sought in the form of a commercial agency or distribution services agreement with distributors (pet shops; private shops and commercial agents; distribution branches in shopping centers) in the mentioned countries.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Germany, Israel, United Kingdom