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Slovenian company specialised in processing and injection moulding of technically advanced plastic products is offering its services under manufacturing agreement

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A company from Slovenia is specialised in injection moulding of plastic products with the latest machinery and self-made tools. With laboratory certified materials they can produce diverse plastic products for different sectors like automotive, construction, appliances and ventilation systems. Under manufacturing agreement, they are looking for partners that require temporary or regular production of plastic products according to international standards and certificates.



Family owned company from Slovenia started in 1990 as a craft for processing metals on eccentric machines, but it has eventually become fully-fledged industry actor with the focus on processing and injection moulding of plastic products (thermoplastics), that represents its main activity nowadays. More specifically, processing includes all types of thermoplastics, where additives for non-combustibility and ultraviolet (UV) stability are used, and also thermoplastics with the addition of fibreglass. Additional activity includes development and manufacturing of injection moulding tools. Company is entitled to use the highest internationally recognized AAA status (global standard of excellence in creditworthiness).

The company product portfolio includes more than 60 different plastic products of different shapes and weight (from 2 g to 280 g). Among used materials we can find acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polycarbonate, polyamide, polyoxymethylene, polypropylene and polyethylene. To ensure quality of the products, the materials are exclusively selected before entering the production process and need to be tested in international certified laboratories. The mentioned selection of materials is a prerequisite for one of the certificates the company complies to (Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certificate). Another layer of quality control is based on the company experience and knowledge of the field of thermoplastics. As a result, the products are technically advanced and according to international standards. The final products are used in industries like automotive, construction, appliances and ventilation systems. Among customers are well-known clients on domestic and foreign markets.

Production facilities are equipped with modern equipment in a way to allow large-scale production of diverse and technically complex plastic products. Machinery includes 13 different computer-controlled high-tech machines for injection moulding by renown machinery producers from Germany. Machinery closing force ranges from 25 to 120 tonnes and have closed cooling systems, granulate dryers, hot nozzle regulators, tempering devices and plastic product conveyors. Important part of the production process present tools for thermoplastic injection moulding, that the company develops and manufactures in a close cooperation with recognized tool makers from Slovenia to meet strict requirements in the plastic products production. As a result of this combination of machinery and tools, along with the requirements from the clients, the company can produce more than 10 million products on a yearly basis.

The company has recently upgraded their production capacities with new machinery and with the new production options they are available for new cooperation opportunities. They are interested in offering their services in the field of injection moulding of different plastic products to new partners that require manufacturing of pre-defined products according to international standards and certificates. Envisioned form of cooperation will be manufacturing agreement, where the company will produce specified plastic products in required quantities.

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The company utilizes latest machinery for injection moulding of diverse plastic products of different shapes and sizes. To meet specific needs in the production process, the company also develops and manufactures its own tools to use in the production. Other advantages are: - three decades of experience and technological knowledge - innovative combination of machinery and self-made tools allows production of more than 60 different plastic products in large quantities (10 million pieces and more on a yearly basis) - quality control with the selection of laboratory tested materials and through all phases of the production process - production process allows traceability of products - flexibility with the use of selected materials

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Slovenian company is interested in a cooperation under manufacturing agreement with partners for regular or temporary production of plastic products with the injection moulding technique. Along with the production, the company can provide consultation on materials selection, specific conditions and requirements of production of the specified products. Cooperation can also include processing of thermoplastics. Partners are expected to provide specifications of the (final) product with material requirements, quantity and other information, needed to fulfil the cooperation.

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