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A Slovenian company specialized in development of magnetic nanoparticle clusters is looking for distributors in Europe

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A Slovenian spin-out company of a leading Slovenian research institute is developing custom nanotechnology solutions based on magnetic nanoparticle clusters – magnetic nanobeads for various biomedical applications and magneto-rheology. The Slovenian company is looking for distributors.



A Slovenian spin-out company of a leading Slovenian scientific research institute is developing and selling custom made magnetic nanoparticle clusters – magnetic nanobeads which are being used mainly in R&D departments of companies specialized in biomedical applications and magneto-rheology. The unique value proposition of the company is their ability to develop and deliver pre-standardized and custom made nanoparticle solutions for the specific application of the customer. The company has access to extensive knowledge base and equipment of the leading public research institution and its researchers which could additionally complement the offer of the spin-out company with potential R&D services and collaboration in the areas of:

- magnetic nanomaterials: synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles, magnetic fluids, magnetic nanocomposites,
- multifunctional materials,
- magnetic materials for micro- and mm-wave devices,
- fluorescent materials,
- semiconducting ceramics.

The company team already collaborates with industrial and academic partners from Slovenia, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Brazil and South Korea and they want to expand their distribution to other European countries.
Relevant application sectors for the magnetic nanoparticle clusters are: nanophotonics, nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), biosensors and biomedicine (e.g. delivery systems and bioseparations), telecommunications, lasers, sensors, optical switches, color displays etc.
The Slovenian company would like to scale-up their business in European countries. The company offers long-term cooperation with distributors in Europe.

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Main advantages of the nanobeads are superparamagnetic behaviour at room temperature, narrow particle size distribution, biocompatibility in homogeneous aqueous suspension, and possibility of various on-demand surface modifications. The products are characterised using advanced methods to ensure compliance with the customer’s specifications.

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Type : distributor Role : distribution The distributor should have experience and an established network in the biotech and medical industry and academic sector. He should already sell chemical and biomedical reagents and wants to complement its distribution portfolio.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500