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Slovenian developer and producer of games and activities for strengthening cognitive abilities is looking for distributors.

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A young Slovenian company focuses on preserving the vitality of the mind and the sensory and motor skills of the elderly as well as children. Great emphasis of their offer is dedicated to products that are specifically designed for strengthening cognitive abilities and people with dementia, but they can also be used with children. The company is looking for distribution agreements for such products



A Slovenian company, established in 2017, develops cross-generational activities for the elderly, people with dementia, and children.Their focus lies on preserving the vitality of the mind and the sensory and motor skills. Maintaining these abilities means extending independence and at the same time providing active leisure time. Development takes place in cooperation with experts such as occupational therapists, psychologists and gerontologists. All products are intensively tested with the elderly and children both in in institutional care and in the home environment.
For now, the company is emphasising development of puzzles and board games.
Puzzles consist of larger and thicker pieces as usual. Pieces of puzzle do not have pins, which simplifies the assembling of the puzzle. They also have black and white base with a grid and flexible frame, serving to help in assembling the puzzle. Every puzzle has only small number of pieces (15) and vibrant colours for faster visual recognition. All puzzles have a realistic imagery that call up memories. Therefore, they are suitable for elderly, people with moderate to advanced form of dementia, and children.
Assembling such puzzles represents a good cognitive training and encourages communication. It also helps to maintain a vital mind- comparing puzzles pieces and putting them in place strengthens flexible thinking, logical reasoning and concentration. Furthermore, it strengthens fine motor skills and visual spatial perception. Observing presenting image on the puzzle helps recall memories – realistic and picturesque image allow for faster retrieval of information from the long-term memory, even if the memory is already weakened.
Company also developed tactile wooden puzzles. Such pieces of puzzle are bigger and thicker and can be used by individual or group. The combination of wood and fabric stimulates tactile and visual abilities. The 5 included cards include 10 additional activities that strengthen the memory, communication in the group, sensory perceptions, language skills and mindfulness.

The board game developed by the company is meant for two to five players and is very easy to play. It includes 5 types of tasks of two difficulty levels. Tasks promote the strengthening of memory, motorics, visual perceptions and focused attention. All components of the game are adjusted – bigger cards, fonts, figures and playing board as well the contrast colours.
All activities and games are suitable for the elderly (usually aged 70+), people in the early to middle stage of dementia, children and families. They pose universal and cross-generational themes and design, difficulty level is adopted to cognitive abilities of elderly and children and resolving them creates a sense of acceptance, success and satisfaction. They can be used at home, nursing homes, day centres, memory care units and kindergartens.
Company is therefore looking for distributors of toys and different games as well for the children and for the elderly, through distribution agreement.

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Advantages of cross-generational activities for older people, individuals with dementia and children: Enriched free time of older people with meaningful activities and games (which are at the same time suitable for all generations, especially children) Promoting intergenerational socializing, especially with children whose specific cognitive abilities are usually closest to the cognitive abilities of the elderly By carefully selected activities so-called „brain training" is performed that strengthens the abilities of older people which are in decline, either due to the usual age-related cognitive decline or dementia: memory, thinking, logical reasoning, motorics, visual, auditory and tactile abilities Cognitive and other abilities need to be strengthened so that the elderly can be as independent as possible, as this preserves dignity and creates meaningful life.

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The Slovenian company does not specify their games to be suited for either children or the elderly, but is instead developing multi-generation games. Therefore, it is looking for distributors of toys and different games for children, as well for the children with special needs and elderly people, through distribution agreement.

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