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A Slovenian developer of event managing platforms, mobile applications and accreditation tracking is offering its services under services agreements.

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A Slovenian company developed an event managing platform and a mobile application for registering for organizers and attendees. Their solution simplifies event organization, and attendee registration and tracking. It is suitable to use with mobile phones and handheld devices using barcode, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with near field communication (NFC) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) accreditation tracking. The company is looking for cooperation in the framework of a service agreement.



A Slovenian company based in Ljubljana, established in 2017 specializes in support of organizing and managing participants in major events such as conferences and symposia. They developed an event managing platform for organizers and attendees. Their goal is to simplify event organization and attendee registration with the option of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) accreditation tracking.
At certain conferences, the organizers must identify each participant - when they enter and exit the conference room. In some events, this is even legally mandatory. Currently, solving this problem takes place in paper form or by scanning each individual.
The company’s product is a modular solution that includes the platform, along with applications and an innovative RFID UHF tower. The latter solves the problem of registering the passage of participants, especially at regulated conferences, reduces crowds and costs for hiring staff. Organizers and event owners can also customize the individual module, which, through Application programming interface (API), communicates with other software tools.
The platform suits both participants and organizers. Both segments have separate application forms that will require separate data. They will be able to login separately.
The organizers register themselves and the event on the online platform. In the application, organizer can determine the number of participants, what information of the participants wants to have, add an event logo, add description of the event etc.
Further, the organizer has the option of additional offers or choice of venue. If the organizer does not yet have a designated space, he will be able to look for one on the platform. Organizer will be able to choose catering providers, floristic arrangements, hostess services, special effects, event linkers etc.(still in developing)
Participants will be able to apply via the platform and receive their application form via email after the organizer registers the event on the platform. Participants will enter all necessary information and automatically receive a return confirmation letter of registration and all event information.
On the online platform, organizers will also have an option to rent a module, which is able to accredit and register participants’ activity. A UHF RFID station records UHF accreditations in the cloud. The UHF tower can accredit more than 10 RFID badges per second. This way queues are virtually eliminated. Stations are strategically placed throughout the hall space. The most important ones are at entrances, to check if participant is accredited.
This system will assist in verifying a visitor’s attendance at an event, and eliminate complications, for example, if a visitor loses the accreditation badge.

All data is measured in real time.

The RFID UHF tower allows free and uninterrupted flow of participants without individual scanning. There are just a handful of providers of this technology in the world market, and none, to our knowledge, offering control over the permissions of the passage of individual participants.

The Company is looking for partners (event owners, event organizers) interested in obtaining a service agreement for the platform and RFID UHF towers.

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• Real time tracking • Fast and seamless accreditation reading with UHF RFID tower • No more queues on entrances of lecture rooms • Data export for event analysis • Providing Application programming interfaces (APIs)

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Already on the market

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The potential partners should be event organizers or providers of event products such as accreditations, identification accesories, readers, and event platforms, that will use the company's services. The company is open to co-operation with companies and organizations of all sizes. The company is looking for services agreements.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500