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Slovenian engineering company – specialist for automation of processes and designing of electrical and communication solutions is offering services agreement and subcontracting.

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Engineering activities and related technical consultancy


A Slovenian provider of services on the field of automation of industrial processes and designing of electronic and communication solutions would also like to enter the German market where the suitable partners would be companies from industrial, energetics and infrastructure sectors. The subject of cooperation would be services on optimizing the production systems or setting up completly new ones. The company is also ready to co-operate as subcontractor with larger engineering companies.



The company is performing their services within business partnerships for more than 25 years. These services comprise the engineering and automation of processes on the field of industry, ecology, energetics, and infrastructure as well as the designing of systems for “smart buildinds”. The company is steadily improving their knowledge on basis of specific approaches used with their engagement in variety of engineering projects. Their cooperating activities are focused on new partnerships which contributes to the business dynamics and growth of the company. A special care is intended to the development and protection of the intellectual property and certification of the products and company as whole.
Description of the provided services :

The company is providing design of electrical and communications solutions. On clients request they also prepare other associated documentation for all phases of the project.and thus implement the wishes of the clients.

In the field of automation they offer comprehensive solutions with their own knowledge and installation of quality equipment. Automation is carried out safely, efficiently, and reliably. They help the clients to find the best solution to their problems.

Complementary activity of the company is the local sale of products of world-famous brands. This are mainly the electronic devices for wireless steering of machines in chemical industry, rafineries and coal mines.

Other activities
In cooperation with partner companies they also carry out electrical installation of technology and communication systems and installation of hydromechanical measurement equipment. They also offer maintenance of systems and equipment and other services.

The company is looking for new partners since they would like to expand their market activities by entering into the German market. The potential partner should be from the industrial, energetics and infrastructure sector and should be interested in the company’s services on optimizing customer’s existing systems or setting up the new ones.
The company is also ready to co-operate as subcontractor within the wide scale projects in the stated sectors. Therefore they are looking for a larger German engineering companies engaged in large domestic projects. From such potential partners they expect long-term cooperation on the field of common engineering activities which would bring benefits for all partners involved. For such mutual approach within the projects the company can offer its experienced staff capacities as well as their knowledge and specific solutions on the field of engineering.

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The engineering and automation services of the Slovenian engineering company are adapted to the wishes of the customers. Their comprehensive solutions are based on their own knowledge as well as on the quality of the installed equipment. Thus the competitivity is a combination of own know how, flexibility of the company and a high safety, efficiency and reliability of the executed projects which are finally contracted at a very competitive price.

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The company is looking for potential customers who would be interested in applying the described services of designing and automation of processes. The customers can be primarily from the automotive and agrofood industry. Also customers from the chemical and ICT industry are suitable as business partners sought. The company is also interested to act as a subcontractor. Therefore, they are looking for larger engineering companies to co-operate with them on mutual engineering projects in above described industry sectors on the German market. From potential business partners they expect long-term cooperation and reliability.

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