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Slovenian manufacturer and designer of a massage tool that helps eliminate harmful effects of sitting as well as unwanted side effects of inactive lifestyle using magnetic field seeks distributors

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A Slovenian production company has developed a product, a multi-roller massage tool, that helps eliminate unwanted side effects of an inactive lifestyle, by using magnetic field. The company is looking for partners who could help get their product and brand to international markets, through distribution services agreements.



A Slovenian production company, established in 1994, developed, with the help of an Slovenian innovator, a
multi-roller massage tool for massaging soles of the feet, or hands, in either standing, sitting, or lying position.

This massage tool is designed to for physical exercise,at home or in the office,especially suitable for individuals exposed to sedentary work. Sedentary exercise is a new approach to remedy the problems that are the result of a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. The massage tool is built on the basis of years of research, experience and insights that allow a modern man to change passive seating for dynamic seating with movement and physical exercise. The massage tool allows movement of both legs, similar to walking, as well as movement of hands, similar to Nordic walking. In this way, one can properly exercise the feet, ankles, knees, hips, leg and arm muscles, upper parts of the body, neck, shoulder rings, thoracic and back muscles, and spine. The difficulty level of training can be enhanced with the different distance of the tool during exercise. The massage tool is also recommended for athletes to relax after strenuous training.

The multi-roller massage tool consists of two independent pedals with massage rollers. The connecting element allows the setting of the direction of rolling the feet of the massage rollers from parallel to movement at different angles. Lateral movement strengthens internal thigh muscles, and medially external. The combination of stepping and skating is unique as it strengthens the calf, ankles, increases the responsiveness of the foot arch and the mobility of the hips. The presence of magnetic field force on the pedals is always in the direction of the north-south, the crossing of these forces provides the cells with the ideal functioning of a membrane or so-called ion pump.
The effect of reflex-zonal foot massage is based on the stimulation of nerve endings on the foot, which positively affects the whole organism. The massage of the feet with the reflex zone is relaxing, relieving pain and healing.

The massage tool provides a unique way of pleasant daytime physical exercise sitting at home or at work. Exercise is suitable for all age groups, for the weaker or physically limited, and for all those who have problems with balance. The massage tool allows training that follows all the principles of ergotherapy, that is, movement therapy and exercise.
Given that the problems resulting from sedentary life-styles are global, the need for solutions such as the massage tool presented is widespread. Therefore the company is looking for distribution agreements with partners capable to launch the brand on their market.

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The multi-roller massage tool is a new exercise machine with its own magnetic field. It is designed based on the knowledge about the importance of the action of magnetic field forces on the cells of our bodies. Mechanical effects of the massage remove dead skin cells, thus opening skin pores, allowing normal skin drying. Thus, in the massage area it stimulates metabolism.

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The company seeks distributors that ensure distribution on their market, as well as provide after-sales support service to consumers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500