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Slovenian manufacturer and designer of a wrist massager that helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome seeks distributors

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A Slovenian company that is operating in the healthcare industry has developed a product, a wrist massager that helps people that use computers for longer periods of time leading to wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. The device is used while holding the computer mouse as it gently massages the user’s wrist and prevents pressure build-up and consequent pain. The company is looking for distributors who could help to get their product and brand to international markets.



A start-up company from Slovenia wants to help people who experience wrist pain because of excessive computer use. The company created and developed a smart device that helps reduce wrist pain by gently massaging the user’s wrist while holding the computer mouse during work. The device is also suitable for anyone who is making repetitive wrist movements during the day (such as auto mechanics, hairdressers, dentists, etc.)
Device works by local vibration therapy - a technique that works by vibrating stimuli for a particular muscle or other damaged part of the body. Vibrations work deeply on the muscle tissue, accelerating blood circulation and metabolism, regulating and greatly stimulating the tension of muscle tissue. It also regenerates the cells.
Device has a versatile use, both in the wrist area where the group of tiny muscles is located and is sensitive to external stimuli as well as on other parts of the body, especially the shoulder ring and spine. The shoulder ring, the spine and the carpal channel are parts of the body that are most exposed to work-related injuries.
The company has already sold a few hundred units in Slovenia. It was awarded a silver medal on the international innovations fair ARCA in Zagreb, Croatia, where more than 200 innovations were competing. They were also awarded the bronze medal on the Invent Arena (Czech Republic) where more than 210 innovations were competing.
Therefore the company is looking for distribution agreements with partners who could help the brand emerge on others markets as well.

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The innovation of the product lies in vibration technology which helps alleviate pain and pressure on the user’s wrist. It has helped numerous people with wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. Because of innovative nature, the product was awarded several awards on international fairs and even got a special award from the Polish Innovators Association (SPWiR).

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The company seeks distributors who could help distribute and sell their products worldwide, as well as provide after-sales support service to consumers. Partners should be able to promote the products in a way that meets their local market’s trends and needs.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500