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A Slovenian manufacturer of innovative heating systems (pellet boilers, stoves, wood gasification boilers and heat pumps) for commercial and domestic use is looking for distributors in Germany, Spain and Portugal under distribution services agreement.

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The Slovenian manufacturer, with over 20 years tradition in manufacturing innovative heating systems - pellet boilers and pellet stoves, wood gasification boilers and heat pumps - for commercial and domestic use is looking for distributors in Germany, Spain and Portugal under distribution services agreement. The advantage of their products is structural design that prevents unnecessary losses of energy and creates optimal conditions for the transfer of flue gases to water.



The family-owned company began developing pellet boilers in 1999 and started own series production and sales in 2004. They began expanding successfully abroad in 2005.

Currently, the company exports about 90% of their production to the markets like: Austria, Baltic countries, Benelux, Denmark, E. Europe, France, Greece, Italy, Russia, S. America – Chile and Turkey.
However, the company is not yet present on the German market and too little present on Spanish and Portuguese markets. Therefore it is looking for a distributors or commercial agents, already involved in the marketing and trade of heating solutions (eg. stoves, boilers, heat pumps) to market and sell their products on the respective markets (German, Spanish, Portuguese).

In the company's production portfolio are currently following products:
Pellet Boilers:
The company is offering five different models. The nominal thermal power varies from 17 kw to 51,6 kw. All boilers have automatic ignition with a highly durable ceramic spark plug and automatic pellet feed. Two models are equipped with automatic cleaning of the burner and heat exchanger, while the other three need to be cleaned manually. All models have an integrated weekly pellet storage tank and a concrete water quantity.
The top model is operated via a touch screen with the possibility to connect to a Wi-Fi network, and control the boiler via smart phone. With the integrated boiler controller the following operations can run: three heating circles, buffer tank, solar collectors, preparation of hot sanitary water and heat pump.
The pellet boilers are class 5, ecodesign and certified in accordance to EN 303-5.

Pellet Stoves:
Two models of pellet stoves are available, the air and hydro versions. The stoves are using the same-innovative combustion technology as pellet boilers. The nominal thermal powers, air 9,5 kW, hydro 18,3 kW, integrated pellet storage tanks, water quantity (hydro), Ionizator (air), low pellet consumption and efficiency are the reasons that these pellet stoves represent the modern way of heating. Pellets stoves are certified in accordance to EN 14785.

Wood Gasification Boilers:
Suitable for firing of dry wood logs. Large and tall fuel loading chamber optimized for gasification process. Exhaust fan speed modulation. Auto activated effective by-pass system thanks to upper loading door switch. Auto switch-off when there is no fuel. Flue gas thermostat to save energy. High efficiency due to increased and smoke tubed water heating surfaces (> 92%). Primary and secondary air regulation. Electronic control board with well organized function buttons and big LCD screen.
Thermo powers of 18, 25, 32, 40 and 48 kW are available. The gasification boilers are class 5, Ecodesign and certified in accordance to EN 303-5.

DC Inverter Heat Pumps, air to water:
These heat pumps can be used for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. It is a Monobloc concept using the R32, among the most environmentally friendly refrigerant gases, which is not detrimental to the ozone layer. Low noise of the outdoor unit owing to the axial fan and compressor unit with controlled operating frequency. The system can successfully operate down to environment temperatures of -25°C. It is appropriate for both, floor heating and radiator heating system (with higher heating water requirements of up to 58°C). Heat pumps are developed to self adopt its power to the heating or coooling needs of any building. It means no more heating curves changes during first year of operation. Heating capacities: 6, 9, 12 kW (mono phase), 15 and 19 kW (tri phase). Coefficient of performance: example HP 12 kW, SCOP = 4,90. The indoor unit can be composed by Electro box (Advanced controller) and Hydro box (Hydr. switch, Circ. pump, Magn. filter) or all together including hot water tank of 230 liters.

Advantages & innovations

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Advantages and innovations of the products comparing to competitors on the market: Pellet boilers and stoves: The application of the innovative combustion technology, unique in the market, distinguishes these pellet boilers from other competitors. The technique, developed in-house, offers a host of advantages to the user. It is a step towards increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs. With this technology it is no longer necessary to adjust the combustion parameters. Thanks to the unique combustion technology with two fans and three sensors all the operational parameters are adjusted in a continuous mode. It recognizes the quality of pellets and regulates the supply of pellets and combustion air taking into account the chimney draft. In addition to optimised combustion, this technology assures far easier and less frequent maintenance as it increases the operational reliability. Maximum efficiency > 91% and minimal emisions. Low pellet consumption, example for 25,3 kW automatic pellet boiler: min. 1,7 kg/h, max 5,7 kg/h. The integrated pellet reservoir offers the comfort of a weekly autonomy. Modern design and compact dimensions ensure easy installation. Advanced controller (automatic version only) with the possibility to control three heating circles including hot water and buffer. 5 years warranty on boiler/stove body and 2 years on the rest. Heat pumps: HP reach the highest level of energy efficiency and classify at A+++ energy classes. Sound pressure level LwA of outdoor unit on distance 10m, from 24 to 28 db. COP (A7/W35): from 4,7 to 5,06. ECO mode limitiation enable energy saving during the summer time, it also protect a working envelope of the most important component in heat pump, compressor. Special EVI INVERTER compressor enable high temperature working mode at very low outdoor ambient temperatures (models with 15 and 19 kW). Advantages of the company comparing to competitors on the market: - Great products quality for a reasonable price

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Already on the market

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Ideal partners would be companies (micro or small sized companies) with experience in the distribution of heating products. They should have strong networks and contacts in heating systems markets, or the ability to develop such contacts quickly. The partners would be expected to promote and sell the Slovenian's company’s products, to maintain regular contact with the company and help develop the market for these new products in their territory. One of the key expectations is also to have the ability to provide technical support in the region.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Germany, Portugal, Spain


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Heat pump - indoor unit


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