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A Slovenian manufacturer of multifunctional modular wooden box furniture seeks distributors and agents

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A Slovenian company is specialized in the manufacture of multifunctional modular wooden box furniture which consists of no tools, screws or adhesives. The company provides multifunctional modular wooden box furniture in different sizes. They seek distributors and agents for this product.



A small Slovenian company specialized in manufacturing of multifunctional modular wooden box furniture is looking for trade intermediary services (distributors or agents). The company offers multifunctional modular wooden boxes for cats and multifunctional modular wooden boxes that can serve as a replacement for conventional racks and shelves.

Available in a variety of sizes, these boxes are durable, lightweight and customizable according to the customers’ requirements.
The company has a strong production capacity to meet customer requirements of rapid delivery and use strengthen packaging to ensure that the goods would not damage.

Currently, the company is looking for expanding its activities in foreign markets and is searching distributors and agents abroad.

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The company has developed a program of flatly assembled multifunctional with innovative connecting elements for assembly. Flat-paneled furniture is characterized by a small volume of a packaged disassembled product that enables easy transportation and minimal use of metal elements and adhesives, since most parts are assembled with notches, wooden coupling elements and plugs and grooves. The binders are disposable and allow re-disassembling or assembly of the product. A model protection of the coupling element was made. The company has two products lines: one of pet products for pets, and a line of products designed to assemble racks and other furniture. A survey conducted by the company found that there is no a product with the same characteristics on the domestic and foreign markets. In the Laboratory for Furniture Testing at the Department of Woodworking, the company checked the properties of the selected items. The company makes the choice of materials of the highest quality. Wooden components are made of birch plywood. Joint cubes are made of plastic. All materials are environmentally friendly, recyclable or capable of recycling. The use of modern woodworking machines, precision milling with CNC hardware, ensures the highest possible level of quality of the finished product. Equally, they pay the same attention to the quality of bonding cubes using machines and tools for plastic injection.

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The potential partner should have an established business network. The agent or distributor must be reliable and willing to commit to long-term cooperation. The Slovenia company will supply the agent or distributor with materials such as catalogues. The agent or distributor will be in charge of the region or country.