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A Slovenian manufacturer is offering its clean room environment for services and production of laboratory consumables and other plastic products under a manufacturing agreement

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In vitro Testing, Trials
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Experienced Slovenian manufacturer of laboratory and microbiology consumables, products for disinfection and sterilization with possibilities for niche products and different dimensions, is offering its services of plastic injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding. Production takes place in a clean room environment. Cooperation will be based on a manufacturing agreement or subcontracting.



A company from Slovenia has been engaged in production and sale of versatile plastic and laboratory products for more than five decades. In this time, they gained experience with manufacturing sample containers, bottles, test tubes, petri dishes, inoculating loops and other laboratory and microbiology consumables. In their range of products, different products for sterilization and disinfection can be found.

To meet the expectations of their clients and regulatory requirements for the final products, processes within the organisation follow international standards and are designed in a way that allows for continuous improvements and enhancements. Moreover, a lot of focus has been on a constant development of production techniques like plastic injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding with application on existing and new products.

Their customers can be found not only among medical institutions, health centres, laboratories, hospitals and faculties, but also among companies that require specially designed and manufactured plastic products. For example, for high-tech sensor devices they provided unique plastic housing cases. Produced quantities of (unique) products can be negotiated, but the company is flexible in this regard and they can manufacture even low quantities, if required. Eight machines are utilized for manufacturing of standardized and unique final products. According to specifications, they can produce variations in different dimensions and with or without accessories (for example, either snap or screw caps).

Since many products are used for medical and laboratory purposes and to fulfill the (legislation) requirements and standards, the manufacturing processes are being performed in a clean room. In this way they ensure final products are not contaminated with particles, microbes, chemical vapours or by some other undesired effects. Furthermore, the company strictly follows rules to keep the environment of clean room up to appropriate standard (ISO 7 or ISO 6).

The company is looking for partners that require a) services of injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding or b) to have different laboratory consumables or other plastic products manufactured. Cooperation will be in a form of a manufacturing agreement or as subcontracting, where clients will provide required specifications for manufacturing process about the product, while the company will take care for the production of the ordered products. This can be used not only in situations where orders exceed partner’s producing capacities or when a niche product needs to be produced, but also for a regular production. With this cooperation companies can benefit from offering diversified range of products and by fulfilling specific needs of their clients on time.

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The company is a manufacturer of different types of laboratory and microbiology consumables. Main advantages of their production and services are: - clean room environment for production - implemented measures to meet international standards and other requirements - possibility to produce standard or unique products - adjustability for client’s needs regarding dimensions of the final product and accessories - processes are optimized for production in a short amount of time

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The company is looking for a) partners who are experienced suppliers or manufacturers of different laboratory consumables and other plastic products or b) companies that require specially designed plastic solutions. Although the company is basically focused on products for medical, veterinary and other purposes, other options can be negotiated. Partners are expected to provide necessary information and other important facts about the product.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500