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Slovenian manufacturer of OLED-based diagnostic devices for detection of analytes in liquid matrices is looking for investors, producers and distributors.

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A Slovenian manufacturer is specialized in manufacturing of diagnostic devices with multi-parametric organic light-emitting diode (OLED)-based biosensors for rapid Point-Of-Care detection of analytes in liquid matrices. The company is interested in completing the industrialization effort to enter the market under manufacturing agreement. It is also looking for partners for long-term cooperation under a distribution services agreement and/or joint venture agreement.



The Slovenian company has developed and patented an innovative Point-of-Care platform for the detection of analytes in liquid matrices. Detection functionality has been successfully demonstrated in fields of human healthcare (flavivirus), veterinary (African swine fever) and food (bacteria, toxins) fields of application. The platform adopts an Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) for fluorescence excitation. It is currently available as advanced prototype (TRL=7).

The company has a long research tradition in the field of OLED technology applications. They have developed a device that enables a new serological multi-parametric test based on immunofluorescence that differentiates between infections by different viruses (herpes, celiac disease, dengue ...). The device is based on a replaceable multi-parametric low-cost cartridge that detects immunoglobulin (Ig) IgG and IgM antibodies with good serotype specificity. A newly developed and introduced portable reader, detecting fluorescent signals in 3 microliters of serum sample, gives test results within 30 minutes. The device is well suited also for in-field operation, thanks to its small size and ease of operation. The reader, based on a proprietary design, including an OLED excitation source, enables the so-called Point-of-Care on-site diagnosis.

The developed software, which is integrated into the reader and processes the fluorescent signal obtained, allows differentiation between virus serotypes even in the case of cross-reactivity, which is one of the most important challenges in serological tests for viruses. Since the tests are very sensitive, they can be useful in cases of early stage diagnosis of disease.

Their technology is patented. A patent application has already been granted in the US and European markets.

They are looking for investors and producers to complete the industrialization effort. Also, they are interested in cooperation with experienced distributors. Envisioned form of cooperation will be distribution services agreement, where the company will provide products while partner will take care for distribution in their respective markets. Additionally the company is also interested in joint venture agreement and/or manufacturing agreement.

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The advantages of partnering with this company will be in their product’s short testing time as the results are available in 10 to 30 minutes. Another advantage is flexibility of diagnostic device which works as hand-held reader and therefore enables Point-of-Care operation. Their products fulfil all standards and are made of quality materials. The company offers flexible production to specific customer needs. The diagnostic device is a multi-parametric, highly sensitive, quantitative, low-cost and rapid portable diagnostic tool. A low-cost plastic slide is factory pre-spotted with different biological or geno probes. All the needed reagents are factory pre-loaded into the same low-cost slide, including the waste reservoir. The user just needs to load the sample into the specifically provided reaction chamber and follow the few steps of the procedure, which may include a short incubation, in a specifically provided tool. The results are then obtained using the portable reader, which may well operate either in a stand-alone mode or with an associated computer.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company is interested in completing the industrialization effort to enter the market. The company seeks producers, distributors and investors specialized in diagnostic equipment, especially for food quality / safety and health diagnostic devices. The potential partner should be already operating on the market and possess a wide range of clients. The company is ready to establish long-term cooperation on the basis of a distribution services agreement, joint venture agreement or manufacturing agreement.

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University,SME <10


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