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Slovenian manufacturer specialized in innovative ergonomic products for sedentary and standing work with computers and laptops is looking for distributors

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Slovenian manufacturer of ergonomic products for sedentary and standing work with computers and laptops, which enable correct posture and prevent incorrect posture when writing and reading, is looking for distributors in EU and beyond.



Slovenian company established in 2018 have been intensively addressing the issue of how to prevent or at least reduce harmful effects caused by prolonged forced posture when sitting. The company is specialized in innovative ergonomic products which are the result of experienced personnel research in various fields: health, ergonomics, design, technique and mechanical engineering.

The company is manufacturing multifunctional ergonomic devices which enable correct posture and prevent incorrect posture when writing and reading. The products can be used for sedentary and standing work:
- at school, job and home,
- for school children and students,
- for office and production workers,
- for musicians and painters,
- for personal computers, laptops and smart electronic devices.

Innovative ergonomic products are a novelty in the market as competing products do not provide a comprehensive solution to the problem of incorrect posture when sitting and standing while using computers and writing or reading. The products are an upgrade of standard and lifting desks.
The products feature a modern design, they are easy to assemble and can be adapted to the needs and desires of users.
Depending on what kind of work the person does, the basic models can be upgraded with a wide range of accessories. The product can be obtained in plexiglass, wood or mixed version. The basic product contains 2 baseboards, 2 shelves, 2 legs and a manual.

The company would like to expand and grow their business further and is looking for reliable distributors in EU and beyond.

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Innovative ergonomic products can provide employees with: - better working conditions, - more efficient work organization and consequently: - increased efficiency, productivity, motivation and employee satisfaction, - reduction of work disability. Consequently employer is provided with: - reduced costs due to sick leave, - better services and products and - greater reputation of the company.

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Already on the market

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Companies that would be interested in selling and distributing innovative ergonomic products and would engage in promoting the products at their respective markets, handle sales and after-sales support services.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500