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Slovenian manufacturer specializing in the production of two wellness devices - one for sleep improvement and stress reduction and the other one for pain relief is looking for distributors

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A Slovenian company offers a wellness devices that are the most advanced wearable PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy device currently available. One device provides physical performance enhancement due to rapid recovery from muscle and bone injuries and the second device improves sleep, concentration and reduces stress.PEMF therapy has been proven to promote healing of body and mind. The company is searching partners in EU and beyond to sign distribution service agreement.



Slovenian company established in 2018 is engaged in the development and marketing of wellness devices using a non-invasive technology as “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy”.

The company would like to introduce two new and innovative wellness products. The first product is a device that can really help the athletes to alleviate pain and more quickly recover from sport related injuries. It is a portable, easy-to-use therapy device that can be directly applied to any part of the body. It can run a variety of programs designed to relieve pain, improve sports performance, recover post-workout and regenerate damaged tissue. This technology known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has nearly 50 years of medical/neurological applications and scientifically proven health benefits.

The device can really help athletes to recover more quickly from injuries, and do so in a safe, medically proven way without the need for additional medical intervention.

The second wellness device improves sleep, concentration, reduces stress, & more, combining ancient traditions and modern technology. It uses non-invasive technology to actively influence positive change in daily life by emitting pulses at specific frequencies, optimized to attain a desired state of mind, at any given moment. Each of five mode settings emits extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses. These pulses gently coax the natural, non-invasive frequencies of person mind and body.

This PEMF technology has been FDA approved, regularly tested and in regular use for decades, and is entirely safe. Not only is the technology safe – but device has been independently tested by scientists at an independent university and has likewise been deemed completely safe.

The wellness devices are made of (and encased in) medical grade plastic, in order, to avoid skin irritation. The flexible band is made of medical grade silicon rubber that is comfortable to wear. The innovative medical devices are simple to wear with non-invasive technology that is safe and most natural way to support healing. The devices works with an app which offers 4 different solutions: bone healing, pain relief, regeneration and tissue repair.

The company is looking for distributors in EU and beyond to represent the company internationally and to approach new potential customers. They would like a reliable partner who should have experience in the healthcare and wellness industry and established contacts with medical wholesalers, specialist medical shops, hospitals and clinics.

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Wellness therapy device: - Increases communication and interaction between cells. - Stimulates circulation by causing both arteries and capillaries to dilate. - Increases oxygen absorbed by cells, particularly improving oxygen utilization in areas of damaged tissue. - Increases blood flow, which allows nutrients to reach the cells while allowing a rapid disposal of cellular waste. Blood flow, along with enhanced protein synthesis in cells, aids in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation. - Stimulates natural endorphin production, including serotonin, which helps speed up the healing process. Scientific studies have proven that PEMF relieves pain and accelerates tissue and bone regeneration.

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The company is searching a business partner from a wellness and healthcare industry who will provide marketing resources for products and use different sales channels. The partner should have established contacts with wellness and medical wholesalers, specialist medical shops, hospitals and clinics.The company is searching partners in EU and beyond to sign distribution service agreement.

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