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Slovenian manufacturer of technical socks used for sports, active leisure and specialist markets seeks distributors

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A Slovenian producer of technical socks for sports and active leisure including skiing, mountaineering, running and hiking, has developed its own unique socks brand which is now also available for export. The company is looking for sales partners under a distribution services agreement.



The Slovenian company is part of an international group and is a market leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of a private label and branded engineered technical socks used for sports, active leisure and specialist markets. The group also holds a number of distribution agreements for international sporting and leisurewear brands within, and in some cases outside, Europe and owns a retail operation in Poland. The group’s strong market performance is proven by consistent growth year after year.
In recent years the company developed its own unique brand, inspired by nature. The design is combined with natural materials and innovative technology to create socks that perform well and feel comfortable but also have an attractive design. With Merino wool and unique features, these socks are particularly appropriate for outdoor sports activities, focusing on skiing, mountaineering, mountain running and hiking.
All types of socks are available for different experience levels, from beginners to advanced and extreme sports users. They are geared towards three types of users – casual athletes, people who spend significant amounts of time outdoors, and extreme sport enthusiasts.
The Slovenian company is therefore looking for distribution agreements with partners who could help the brand emerge on others markets as well.

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Heating: special way of weaving creates a stable thermal barrier and ensures that the warm air remains in the sock. Moisture regulation: fabrics are used that are not too absorbent, so the sock will not be suddenly wet and heavy. There are special channels on the surface, which ensure that the moisture slips from the sock. Ventilation: company uses special mesh weaving, which allows the skin to breathe, allow the moisture to evaporate and still offers a thinner layer of protection. Support: socks have elastic areas that make sure that the sock remains in place. This flexibility causes the sock to fit comfortably. It supports muscles and tendons at the same time and prevents the formation of blisters. Comfort: The company performed an analysis on which sites are most exposed to various activities and with thicker technical weaving and a special channel structure made sure that socks will ease the steps and strokes exactly where needed.

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The company wants to expand its presence abroad with their sport socks and is therefore looking for distributors and dealers of such products worldwide. The company is looking for a reliable and long-term partner to cooperate with via distribution agreements. The partner should: - Have good access to the specific sector in their region or country to be able to promote and sell the company's products. - Have the ability and the channels to sell the company's products in the specific region of the country they are located in. - Have good experience in international cooperation.

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