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Slovenian micro company specialized in computer maintenance, repairments on old and new computers, is offering its know-how under outsourcing agreements

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Electronic engineering
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Slovenian micro company is offering maintenance and repairment services on old and new computers, laptops, peripheral devices, software systems and other devices under outsourcing agreements (but is willing to consider also other types of collaboration). The company is able to provide IT consulting as well. Partnerships with SMEs or larger companies located in Austria and Italy are sought.



Slovenian micro company, established in 1990 in a town in Slovenia near the Austrian and Italian border, is specializing in providing maintenance, repairment services and IT consulting on both new and old computers and computer devices, software systems as well as industrial electronic equipment. In particular, the company is able to repair older computers for which spare parts are difficult to purchase on the market, and update or upgrade their functionality accordingly.

Repairments of computers and upgrading of software systems offered by the company are available on the following computer equipment and IT products: desktop computers, notebook (laptop) computers, peripheral devices, LCD and LED monitors, laser, ink-jet, dot matrix and POS printers, routers and other standard computer devices.

In addition, the staff employed by the company has substantial expertise in operating on complex projects. For instance, in the past the staff managed to successfully repair the computer system controlling for the electronic microscope at one of the leading producers of stainless steel in Slovenia and in Central Europe. Similarly, the company managed to successfully repair a multiprocessor industrial computer used by the Slovenian national railway company, thus enabling this large customer to prevent risks and get back on track under optimal operating conditions.

Based on its know-how, the Slovenian company is looking for collaborations with micro companies, local businesses, SMEs and larger enterprises in the neighboring regions of Austria and Italy. Although the company is open to discuss any type of cooperation, the preferred type of collaboration would be cooperation under outsourcing agreements. This means that the company offers to perform repairment services on computers and systems and/or provide consultancy for Austrian and Italian SMEs or larger enterprise in any relevant fields.

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Advantages are to be found both on the client-centric approach to business applied by the Slovenian company and positive "spillover" effects resulting from the solutions provided, namely: • Solutions are designed and applied by upgrading IT systems (helping achieve cost optimization); • Services being provided are highly individualized and based on the IT expertise of the company matched by its flexibility and creativity in IT consultancy; • The maintenance solutions for computers offered by the company have positive spillover effects on a local level from an ecological/economic point of view (e.g. reducing electronic waste means cutting related costs such as the costs of electronic waste transportation); • The company has a unique, tailor-made approach to each specific problem and its repairment and maintenance services of defective computers/devices are centered on the client: this leads to finding innovative answers to IT problems (advantages are matched by creative solutions compared to those obtained through standardized market approaches in IT and related services); • Despite being a micro company, the Slovenian SME is able to apply an innovative methodology in defining IT solutions, which can generate valuable results with reference to larger projects; • The company enjoys logistical proximity to Northern Italian regions and Austria (logistical advantage for companies interested in developing a cooperation).

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The Slovenian company is looking for micro companies, small businesses and SMEs that are willing to contract out part of their business or obligations in the domain of IT. Larger firms (e.g. firms with 250-350 employees) can also become ideal business partners under outsourcing agreements. More precisely, the role of the partners sought will be able to outsource to the Slovenian company services concerning both the maintenance and repairment of new or older computers, computer devices that are difficult to find on the market as well as update or even upgrade software systems for any type of industry. The partners will be able to either send the equipment to the headquarter of the Slovenian company (the maintenance repairment of the computer equipment will be provided “indoor” and then sent back with the installed upgrading and repaired devices); or host “in situ” the staff employed by the Slovene company who will be able to work on site. Partners that are looking for IT consulting will also benefit from the cooperation with the company. The only caveat is that partners be located either in Austria or Italy for reasons of proximity.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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Austria, Italy