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Slovenian micro company specialized in the design/manufacturing of educational materials and learning tools for schoolchildren and preschool children offers to sell its handmade products and entire commercial network under acquisition agreements

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Slovenian micro company focusing on inclusive and high quality education is selling its trademark with the whole set of educational materials under acquisition agreements. The offer comprises handmade toys and learning tools for schoolchildren and preschool children, and a rapidly developing commercial network.



Slovenian micro company focusing on inclusive and high quality education is active in the design and manufacturing of early educational materials, games and toys for both preschoolers and early schoolchildren. The company was established in 2012 as a joint project of two close friends who are trained in children's education and development, and have managed to develop their business idea out of a thorough passion for inclusive education. Since then, the company effectively commercialized its own range of learning tools, games and educational products for helping children in Slovenia in their early learning activities.

The products are particularly suitable for enhancing early reading skills, early writing skills, numerical skills, listening skills, sensory education and fine motor skills. Products are handmade and have been commercialized through a registered trademark in Slovenia, but not elsewhere in any other market. They are designed and manufactured in accordance to the EU directive on the safety of toys 2009/48/EC. Some of them have been appreciated by an independent Slovenian jury and have been subsequently awarded for their educational innovativeness at the 2014 and 2015 Slovenian Innovation Forum.

The Slovenian micro company is looking for potential companies interested in acquistion agreement for its trademark with the set of didactic products, in order to commercialize them in European markets (only minor linguistic adaptations/changes are needed). The only caveat to the business offer is that the acquiring company preserves intact the offer of products and the commercial network on the domestic market in Slovenia (and, possibly, consolidate it further).

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The advantages and innovative appeal of the educational products are straightforward, and can be summarized as follows: • by means of the educational products and educational material, which is designed with children's needs in mind, learning is perceived by children as a game – not as a constraint: learning becomes part of a creative process, a positive experience, and is thus very effective and equally rewarding; • each pedagogical tool and educational game fits within an innovative educational strategy designed by recognized Slovenian experts in this field; • suitable for enhancing learning opportunities for children with special needs (e.g. ADD – attention deficit disease; hyperactivity disorder); • increased attention of children while the learning process takes place; • if used at an early stage, the educational material and pedagogical tools are helpful in preventing the development of future learning disabilities among children with special educational needs; • the educational material is free from stereotypes, easy to translate, it can be applied to any cultural setting and can be commercialized in any country or region worldwide; • learning activities can take place at home, with people and in environments that the child is familiar with (the positive effects of learning through the involvement of parents and grandparents, particularly in the first years of life of children, is scientifically documented); • the didactic material is suitable for kindergartens and primary schools; • overall positive social impact (increased literacy, attention and the development of other types of skills among children at an early stage in appropriate ways also means crafting future citizens with stronger capabilities, logical skills, empathy, and other skills that will be useful in their adult life).

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Due to its limited capacity to manage a rapidly growing commercial network, the Slovenian micro company is looking to sell the range of didactic and teaching material under acquisition agreements. Thanks to its marketing and commercial capacities, the acquiring company will be able to develop further the original purpose at the basis of the educational project comprising the above-mentioned products – that is, to provide quality education at a reasonable and competitive price to a wide range of customers, including families with children affected by learning difficulties or disabilities. Ideally, the acquiring company should already possess a proved experience with the commercialization of didactic tools, pedagogical games, and the marketing of products designed to help achieving inclusive education. The acquiring company will have the opportunity to commercialize the products in any European markets and beyond. The only caveat to the offer is to maintain intact the existing commercial network in Slovenia. Acquisition offers comprising a clear business plan and a strategy for the release of the full potentials of the didactic products both for children in Slovenia and in other European countries will have precedence.

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