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Slovenian NGO seeks distributors of innovative textiles suitable for patients with atopic dermatitis (AD)

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The role of Slovenian non-government organization (NGO) for patients with atopic dermatitis is to provide patient support, raise awareness and raise the quality of life. Skin of patients with atopic dermatitis is extremely sensitive to anything irritating and clothing fabric has an important role in controlling AD symptoms and quality of patients lives. They are looking for distributors of new innovative textiles that are safe to use and easy to maintain for patients.



A small Slovenian non-government organization (NGO) for patients struggling with atopic dermatitis is interested purchasing high-quality textile or garments that would contribute to a higher quality of patients’ life. The NGO would like to establish successful partnership in distribution of innovative textiles that would benefit patients with AD.
Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by intense dryness of skin and severe pruritis. The patients’ quality of life is impaired due to severe itch and itch induced sleeping problems. Chronic sleep deprivation affects not only the daily activity of the patient but also social functioning. The choice of clothing has an important role in controlling AD symptoms. Garments are in direct contact with skin, therefore it is extremely important that the textile that come into contact with skin do not cause additional mechanical or chemical irritation and itching sensations. Wool and synthetic materials cause overheating and sweating that irritates the skin and set of an intense itch. Textiles that are soft, smooth and loose are therefore recommended. Absorbing properties are crucial. Use of rough fibers and seams is also known to cause aggravation in existing disease.
Using high quality natural and smooth fibers such as silk, cotton and bamboo are essential, due to their low irritant potential. Until now, cotton fabrics have been the state of the art of recommended textiles for patients with AD, however cotton fibers can be rough and it can irritate the skin. Therefore, innovative materials that are safe, easy to maintain, accessible and affordable are needed. Functionalization of textiles (ZnO, gamma linolenic acid …) can provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Studies on smooth fibers such as ethylene vinyl and lyocell are also promising.

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The NGO is looking for distributors of innovative textiles appropriate for medical use in patients with AD.

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The NGO is looking for distributors of innovative textiles appropriate for medical use in patients with AD.

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