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A Slovenian producer of air ionizers for home, vehicles and sauna usage, is looking for agents to represent its products and for distributors to sell its products.

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The Slovenian producer of efficient and high-quality air ionizers for home and office usage, for cars, trucks and other vehicles and for saunas, spas, wellnesses and other hot or humid environments is looking for agents and distributors. Air ionizers are devices, used for intensive air cleaning of heavily polluted air, full of exhaust gases and carcinogenic particles, for treating people with allergies, asthma, respiratory illnesses, for bringing therapeutic effects to its users.



The Slovenian manufacturer of several types of air ionizers was established in 2003 as the successor of previous company established back in 1990.

The company has realized there is a chronic imbalance between negative and positive ions in the air of people’s living spaces. Since there is a shortage of negative ions, which are important for people’s health, they embarked on a lot of research, which is continuing today, and which have brought some encouraging results and a great feedback from satisfied customers and patients. They have been granted a patent for ionizer, which was used as the basis to produce distinct designs.

The company has developed following models of ionizers:
- Portable models for home and office usage (220V or 110V)
- Portable car air ionizer for installation in vehicles (12-24V)
- Model for usage in wet or Finnish saunas, spas or wellnesses.

The air ionizer removes all pollutants from the air (e.g. bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, dust, smell, carcinogenic soot, exhaust, etc.) and enables 100% clean air.

Air ionizers are especially advised for patients with asthma, allergies and high blood pressure diseases, because negative ions have a beneficial impact to health and body without any harmful side effects. They drastically reduce the level of histamine, which is increased in diseases of asthma and allergies. Negative ions also improve immune system and vitality.

Ionizers are also advised for professional and long-distance drivers whose working environment is full of harmful carcinogenic exhaust gases that cause so many respiratory illnesses.
Negative ions drastically reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, as they elevate the level of oxygen in blood and lower the stress hormone, which is constantly present while driving.

With the co-operation of medical institutes, They have developed ionization for oxygen masks, which are used in the postoperative rehabilitation of cardiac patients on stationary bikes.

Their target sectors is trade of health-oriented products, air conditioners, small domestic appliances, ionizers, air cleaners, cars and car accessories, saunas, etc.

The company is already exporting to foreign markets. This year, they would like to extend international cooperation and therefore they are looking for an agents or distributors to represent and sell their products in target markets.

The interest in clean air and healthy living is increasing; therefore, ionizers represent a very good sales product and are compatible to different sales portfolios.

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Technology: Air ionizer emits negative ions, which attach themselves to polluting particles (dust, soot, exhaust gases, bacteria, viruses, smoke, cigarette smoke, odours ...) that float in the air. When heavy enough, the joint particles fall to the ground and never become airborne again. What remains is completely clean and fresh air. The Carbon Brush: The main advantage of company’s air ionizers is that they never emit harmful ozone, like ionizers usually do. The essence of this unique innovation is in the patented carbon brush. Carbon brush is durable, has a long life-span and does not need to be replaced. The strongest in the market: Company’s air ionizers emit the largest amounts of negative ions (in comparison to other ionizers), resulting in instant air cleaning and in therapeutic effects. Only a large number of negative ions can completely remove pollution from the air, enable the therapeutic effects on human body and lower the stress hormone, enabling complete relaxation and well-being. Benefits: Company’s ionizers are adjusted to people’s needs with - silent operation, absolutely NO OZONE emission, small & light design, easy maintenance & no replacements needed (no filters!) and it can be used in all humid or hot environments up to 100°C. Certification: Air ionizers have all the stamps of approval of Slovenian institute of Quality and metrology (SIQ, CB, EC, EMC, EMF, IEC EN, LVD, ROHS), and German institute (GS, TUV) and the Institution of the Republic Slovenia for safety in the workplace and Jozef Stefan Institute. The ionizers are made from the best material (ROHS).

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Well-trained and enthusiastic persons or departments with experience in sales.

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Already on the market

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The company is interested in Distribution services agreement and Commercial agency agreement. They are looking for agents and distributors of: • Healthy-living products (their sales portfolio consists of technological products for healthier living) • HVAC products (air conditioners, ventilation systems, air cleaning devices) • Domestic appliances, technical gadgets for homes – especially for air cleaning, home improvement • Medical equipment and Pharmacies. • Technical gadgets for cars • Car Shops and car dealers. • Sauna producers or distributors.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250