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Slovenian producer of dust collection and filtration devices and systems is looking for distributors

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A Slovenian company is specialized in production, installation and maintenance of certified dust collection and filtration devices and systems for demanding conditions. The company is looking for partnership with companies from the industrial sector under distribution service agreements.



A Slovenian company is specialized in the development and production of high quality dust collection systems and filtration devices (filtering, spot suction, separating and recycling of all types of dust, transporting of materials, suction of smoke and suction in terms of cleaning in general). They also provide counselling, installation and maintenance of the devices. Their products include mobile units for specific sources of dust as well as complex dust collection systems in the most demanding conditions, such as the processing of metal, plastic, wood, in quarries, incineration plants etc. All the main components are developed and produced in the company.

They offer products of the following groups:
- waste processing (styrocut, regranulator of waste expanded polystyrene)
- filtering and dedusting (air filters for removing flue gasses, vapour and oils from the air as well as dust particles from the area of working machinery and the floors, chambers/hoods for abrasion)
The company has been established in 1979 and has been since then active in the field of dust collection and filtration devices.
In the 35 years of its existence they have installed the products in the EU countries, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the USA.

Their products are suitable for companies of different industrial sectors that need dust collection systems and filtration devices (the procedures of dry sanding, cutting, milling and heat treatment of materials in the processing of minerals, stone, metals, plastic, fabric, wood and the recycling of waste materials).

The company would like to cooperate with distributors with a well-established network in the relevant industries, on a basis of a distribution services agreement.

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- Experts of the company provide counselling, planning and designing, manufacturing and installation of the product(s) and its maintenance. Advantages of the company: - The company┬┤s own development department - Their own welding technology - Qualified welders according to EN ISO 287-1 - Welding procedures in compliance to Welding Procedure Qualification Record - Production according to the requirements of PED 97/23/EC and EN ISO 9712:2012 - Products and the production are certified to ISO 3834-3

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Already on the market

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Distributors with a network of customers in the industrial sector, laboratories etc. where dust and gasses need to be removed and air filtering is needed.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250