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A Slovenian producer of laboratory consumables and other plastic products is looking for representatives and partners for distribution

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In vitro Testing, Trials
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A Slovenian company is an experienced producer and seller of laboratory consumables, plastic products for sterilization and disinfection with option for niche products, that can be produced even in lower quantities. They are looking for foreign partners to represent them and/or distribute their products on their respective markets (commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement).



A Slovenian company is a specialized manufacturer and seller of plastic laboratory consumables, laboratory glassware and products for sterilization and disinfection. They have been operating on the market for more than 50 years and in this time they made a lot of investment in a development of new products, manufacturing techniques like (plastic) injection moulding and (extrusion) blow moulding, while establishing their brand on a domestic market. Due to strict requirements for their products, they produce according to international standards. Additionally, they also act as a distributor for complementary laboratory products of renown world manufacturers.

Products are being manufactured in a highly controlled and monitored environment - clean room - on 8 machines that allow them to provide standardized versions of a product and also according to the specifications from the clients. Although majority of their products is meant for laboratories and other uses in medicine, they can be adjusted or developed for other purposes too. In past they provided specifically designed solutions, like plastic housing case for sensor devices.

Range of products covers the following:

- sample containers for urine, sputum and feces
- bottles
- microbiology consumables like petri dishes, inoculating loops, spreaders, transfer pipettes, swabs and bags
- test tubes
- sterilisation consumables like pouches and reels
- autoclaving consumables like indicator tapes, autoclave bags and deodorants
- decontamination mats
- aluminium foil for laboratories and foil stands
- other plastic products according to specifications from clients

Although company is a provider of these products for different segments of buyers like laboratories, health centres, hospitals, faculties and institutions, they would like to offer them to consumers in other countries as well. Therefore, they are looking for:

a) agents to represent the company and its products on foreign markets as a part of Commercial Agency Agreement

b) experienced companies with established connections with consumers of laboratory, sterile and other plastic consumables to distribute the company’s products as a part of Distribution Services Agreement

In any type of a mentioned cooperation, the company will act as a manufacturer and will provide assistance to a partner, especially when a niche product will be required. Partners will be mostly responsible for selling and/or distribution activities. Due to option of standardized or unique final products, partners can benefit from covering wider range of consumer needs and consequently entering additional markets, while the company will be able to provide its products to new customers.

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Company is an established manufacturer with wide array of experience with different plastic products (for medical, veterinary and other purposes). Their main advantages are: - production in a clean room and in compliance with international standards - flexibility and adjustability of products to meet the needs of the customers - option to produce in smaller quantities – even individual pieces - optimized manufacturing processes for a production in a short period of time - products can be designed and produced in different dimensions, as sterile or nonsterile iterations, with or without snap or screw caps

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Already on the market

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The company is interested in cooperation with a) agents to represent them on their (domestic) markets and b) companies for distribution of company’s products. Partners should have experience with laboratory consumables and established connections with consumers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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