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Slovenian producer of packaging materials, foils and films is looking for partners for distribution agreement from Netherlands and other countries

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Slovenian company is a specialist for production of versatile packaging materials, foils and films for use in several industries (food, pharmacy, construction, agriculture, cosmetics, etc.). Products can be adjusted or developed for specific purposes. Company is interested in signing distribution agreement with partners for distribution of Slovenian products. While main focus is especially on partners from Netherlands, other countries will be also taken into the account.



Slovenian family-owned company was founded in 1986 as a producer of packaging materials and since then they diversified their production and selling programme. Nowadays they are one of the leading producers in Slovenia, while their customers can be found in several countries of Eastern, Western and Southern Europe. Products are sold under well-recognized brand.

Production portfolio includes versatile flexible packaging, stretch hood sleeves, stretch foils and films, where the latter can be produced as mono, duplex, triplex or quadriplex films. In production are used materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, aluminium, paper, etc. Materials are obtained from verified and renowned producers from Europe.

Products can be used for very specific purposes in:

1. Food industry (coffee, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, meat, milk products, etc.)
2. Detergents and cosmetics (powders, cosmetic products, handkerchiefs, etc.)
3. Pharmacy (powders, veterinary medical products)
4. Agriculture (hay, straw, silage, etc.)
5. Rubber and chemical industry (product adhesion prevention)
6. Industry packaging (tobacco industry, bulk materials, packaging, fertilizers, etc.)
7. Construction (roof, wall and floor insulation, etc.)

Foils and films provide according to the purpose and design requirements different characteristics like transparency, barrier for oxygen and flavour, ensuring food integrity, protection from impacts from the environment (e.g. dust, temperature), stability of wrapped objects …

The company has a production line for production of films with blown and cast procedure, along with the department for printing (up to 8 colours), lamination and slitting. Manufacturing capacities allow production of at least 6000 tonnes of different products on a yearly level. New technologies and materials are regularly implemented in the production process, while in the past years one of priorities became also management of environmental impact. Company also developed special foil with minimal effects on the environment and it can at the same time decrease the volume of the wrapped objects for three times. Due to diversified and versatile needs on the market, the company experts can develop unique solutions for the customers or adjust the existing ones.

To ensure quality of the products and to adapt to environmental requirements, the company has integrated internal quality control system in every phase of manufacturing process and with expert testing. System is standardised and certified according to international standards with quality certificate (ISO 9001:2015), environmental certificate (ISO 14001:2015) and certificate for food (ISO 22000:2005).

Slovenian company would like to establish its presence on new markets and is looking for experienced partners for distribution agreement of their products. Although they are interested especially in partners from Netherlands, other countries can be considered as well.

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Slovenian company has more than 30 years of experience on the field of packaging films, foils and other packaging materials with the following characteristics of their product portfolio: - Versatile and diversified products for several industries and uses - Films and foils can be developed and produced according to the needs and purpose (printing on final products is also available) - Packaging design can adjust to the wrapped objects and it can also allow easy opening (if needed) - Use of verified materials from renowned producers - Products are manufactured according to the international standards and comply to strict regulations (e.g. in food industry) - Production process is accompanied with the environment management (minimizing waste and emissions, efficient use of energy) and assessing the impact of products over their life cycle

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Already on the market

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The company from Slovenia is looking for experienced partners in distribution with preferably established network of clients. While the focus of partner search is on partners from Netherlands, partners from other countries can also send for consideration their interest for cooperation. In the scope of the distribution agreement, Slovenian company will provide products in quantities and specifications as required by foreign partner, that will take care of distribution of the Slovenian products on their respective markets. At the same time Slovenian company can adjust its products to meet special requirements sent by distribution partner.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250