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Slovenian SME active in the furniture industry and focusing on the supply of veneer and furniture components is looking for partnership opportunities under manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

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Slovenian SME active in the furniture industry, particularly in the supply of rotary cut veneer and sliced veneer as well as in the design and supply of furniture parts, semi-finished products and components including chair legs, parts of armrests and curved plywood – shells, seats and backs, is looking for business opportunities (manufacturing and subcontracting agreements) with European companies.



The SME, established in 1991, is active in the furniture industry. Since its establishment, the traditional activity of the company was focused on the commerce with wood, precisely the sale of veneer, manufactured components as well as other products made from different tree types and intended primarily for the furniture industry.

The core business of the company is currently represented by the processing of veneer into chair legs, wooden armrests, bench seats, components for chairs, shell chairs and tables, and other semi-finished products for the furniture industry in general. Based on customers’ needs, the company is able to supply a wide range of customized semi-finished products and intermediate goods, including moulded, curved and bent plywood components in different wood qualities – for upholstery, stained, oil treated or lacquered ones.

In designing and manufacturing semi-finished products, the company makes use of both traditional and innovative technologies (e.g. the latest high frequency pressing techniques). Based on its experience and know-how, the company is willing to supply semi-finished goods to foreign companies on their demand, or manufacture them in its own manufacturing plants in Slovenia and Bosnia. The company is particularly interested in finding new business opportunities abroad – under the form of manufacturing agreements or subcontracting agreements in the European markets.

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Several advantages can be listed: • according to specific market needs and requirements, the SME uses both traditional and innovative technologies in the design and development of components for furniture and, thus, its semi-finished products match each single market requirement; • semi-finished goods can be tailor-made to specific needs of the single customer (otherwise stated, jointing of veneer is done according to customer's requests and specifications); • products match innovativeness and simplicity; • manufactured components are suitable for furniture in different settings including home, offices, schools, theaters, cinemas, conference halls, restaurants, etc. • the company monitors attentively the quality of the wood for crafting semi-finished products and intermediate goods, assuring that finished components for the furniture industry are of the highest quality (something that could not be achieved without a proper monitoring of the quality of wood itself); • products have an FSC Certificate, certifying that they are manufactured of wood from the forests having reasonable and planned forest policy; • experienced staff, the company invests substantially on the development of its human resources.

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The Slovenian SME is looking for European companies that are willing to commission the design/development of their furniture products (wooden components for bench seats, chairs, armchairs, tables, etc.) through manufacturing agreements. At the same time, the SME is looking for business opportunities in the form of subcontracting agreements with companies active in the furniture industry in the European markets.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom