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Slovenian SME active in the textile industry is offering its products ranging from sewing threads and buttons to mounting press machines under commercial agency and services agreements, and is ready to provide technical consultancy in related fields

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Clothing and shoe stores
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Other industrial machinery for textile, paper & other industries
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Slovenian family-owned company active in the textile industry is offering its products and articles including sewing threads, nylon threads, zippers, sewing buttons, snap buttons, jeans buttons, wool and cotton yarns. The company is marketing innovative in-house designed mounting press machines for the textile industry. Partnerships are sought under commercial agency agreements and services or outsourcing agreements in case of consulting activities for SMEs active in textile & fashion.



The company was established in 1984 as a family business first focusing on thermoplastics injection moulding. As a result of an increase in its activities and business network the company nowadays figures among the leading SMEs in the textile industry in Slovenia and in related fields/industries.

The company specializes in two main activities: first, the production of thermoplastics products and components (customized products; plastic injection moulding products/services) and the manufacturing of technically sophisticated tools and devices for the textile industry. Second, the manufacturing of manual press machines, pedal press machines and pneumatic-type press machines that are specifically designed to be marketed for use in the textile and fashion industry. Machines sold by the company are useful for attaching metal snap fasteners, eyelets, rivets etc.

The company has a well-developed commercial network with numerous products for customers comprising industrial sewings threads, nylon threads, zippers, sewing buttons, plastic buttons, snap buttons, jeans buttons, knitting wool and wool yarns, cotton yarns. The company owns two shops in Slovenia where the above mentioned products as well as other textile articles and decorative trimmings are being successfully sold. The company is marketing its own sets of products, sold in eco-friendly packaging that is suitable for recycling. The manufactured articles and items can be sold to customers in large shopping centers or in small “hobby program” stores and Do It Yourself stores. These include buttons (net / pressers), jeans buttons, rivets provided with instructions for use etc.

Along with achieving success on the domestic market, the company is active on major European markets as well. For instance, its mounting press machines (developed in-house) are being successfully marketed in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Spain and in non-EU markets such as Tunisia.

The company aims to further increase its market sales in the textile industry abroad. With a focus on developing new business opportunities with reliable partners, the company takes regularly part of leading international fairs for fabrics, textiles and accessories, as for instance the “Munich Fabric Start”, “Textprocess” in Frankfurt, and the “Baltic Fashion & Textile” in Vilnius. The company is currently developing new practical devices/ innovative press machines for the textile industry that area ready to be placed on the market.

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The advantages of the products / services offered by the Slovenian company are to be found in the high quality of the products matched by competitive costs (resulting in economic advantages for business partners and/or final customers). • The logistical aspect is a non negligible asset to the company as it is located in a central European region and is therefore easily accessible by many countries (lower costs for shipping products / items); • Innovativeness and practicality of the mounting press machine that is already prized as a top product on the international textile&fashion market (technical sophistication; easy to use; competitive price); • The company can offer either very specific, tailor-made products or standardized items (buttons, fittings, etc.); • The company offers the possibility to provide consultancy for large projects in the textile and fashion business.

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The company is looking for intermediaries in the textile & fashion industries to help in selling its own products on foreign markets (for example, commercial agents for shopping centers and well-established commercial centers abroad with relevant shops or outlets). Also, the company is looking for agents able to sell devices/press machines for mounting buttons, rivets, rings, etc. on competitive foreign markets and sell its set of manufactured products to customers. Partnerships in the form of commercial agency agreement or distribution service agreement are sought. In case of co-operation in the field of tailoring or long-term consulting activities for SMEs active in the fashion/textiles industry, co-operation is possible under services agreement and outsourcing agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250