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A Slovenian SME specialized in design, manufacturing and installation of industrial air filtration and ventilation systems offers manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

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A Slovenian SME, specialized in the manufacture and installation of industrial ventilation equipment for air filtration in industry and other technological equipment for the wood, foundry and other types of industry, is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.



A Slovenian company is specialised in the manufacture and installation of industrial ventilation equipment for air filtration in industry and other technological equipment for the wood, foundry and other types of industry.

The company is also an authorized representative of various leading foreign brands. The products are outstanding quality and certified according to the standards of the European Union.
The company is looking for new business partners in the field of wood industry, foundry industry and other types of industry. The company can provide different customer requirements from quality control to various product testing. For all projects, the company provides an individual approach that includes individual client counseling for clients, resulting in significant cost and time saving for the client.

The company has already established industrial air filtration and ventilation systems for the leading Slovenian company in the field of woodworking, metal processing industry and is looking for new project partners for long-term business cooperation.

Examples of filtration products:
- Electrostatic filters for the separation of smoke and dust, the particulate filter efficiently separates aerosols such as fats, tar (smoke) or oil from scorching without clogging. It is made of one or more metal pipes with an ionizer at the center of each tube.
- Scrubber for separation of odor, gas and vapor, and works according to the principle of absorption.
- Biofilter for the removal of odor and gases at low concentrations from large quantities of waste air. The performance of biofilter is primarily cost-effective in the case of the constant flow of waste air.
- A tubular electric filter for the separation of dust and smoke, which is effective in separating coarse or fine particles of solid and liquid substances from the air. The smoke and dust particles pass through the filter vertically from the bottom up. The filter is made of stainless steel ionizing electrode in the middle of the tube creating a strong electrostatic field. Removing particles from the air

Examples of heat recovery:
- Waste heat
- Cooling process
- Heat Pump
- Water heating
- Electro filters and hybrid filters for smoke, mist and dust at the workplace.
- Ripening devices (stainless steel or demister).
- Electrostatic precipitator with 1 or 2 phases - bag filters

Examples of ventilation products:
- Directly driven fans,
- Belt drive fans,
- Fans that are especially suitable for the food processing industry, pharmacy, healthcare and other consumers who need cleanliness or high resistance
- Plastic fans, serving primarily for aggressive vapor acids or other corrosive substances,
- Axial fans for all needs also temperature-resistant and Atex or S anti-explosion,
- Roof and chimney fans,
- Diffuser fans.

The company also produces different sizes of pipes, knees, branches, t-shirts, hand-held or pneumatic sealers, cyclone separators. The company manufactures products in several variants of galvanized sheet metal (lighter pipes), black sheet metal (welded version for more demanding wear) from stainless steel sheet of stainless steel of different quality welded. The company also offers equipment made of manganese or hardox plates, resistant to wear.

The company is looking for international business partners and offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreement.

Subcontracting services are offered to companies that are not able to produce specific welded-construction components or semi-products and search for companies with skilled personnel and know-how or need subcontractor for high volume orders.

Manufacturing services are offered to the companies that need specific products made by the use of shot-blasting, material cutting, welding or painting services.

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The company manage integrated engineering from the project of technical solutions, production equipment, equipment assembly and quality service. The company advantages are: - Good-quality and durable products. - Flexibility of their products (i.e. easy to adapt to carious customer requests). - High quality of used material. - Simple and cost-effective maintenance.

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The company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreement in the field of wood industry, foundry industry and other types of industry. For subcontracting agreements, the company is open to act as subcontractor for other companies (SMEs or large companies) to produce specific components or semi-products according to the contractual arrangements. Foru manufacturing agreements, the company is looking for companies to manufacture according to the individual needs of potential partners (mass production, SMEs, large companies).

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250