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Slovenian SME specialized in the production of automated water dispensing units (ATMs) for drinkable water is looking for commercial agents and distributors in Europe and beyond

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Slovenian micro start-up specialized in the production of ATMs for drinkable water is looking for commercial agents and distributors for the EU markets, particularly in regions with low supply of drinkable water and in touristic settings, as well as outside Europe. Commercial agency and distribution services agreement is sought to both commercialize ATMs on the market and manage them logistically.



Slovenian micro start-up established in 2017, specialized in the production and commercialization of automated water dispensing units (water ATMs), is looking for opportunities to expand its business network in any European markets and beyond.

The start-up company invested substantially in the water ATM technology, and the resulting product is particularly suitable for cities and regions facing the problem of scarcity of drinkable water. Furthermore, the water ATMs dispenses pure drinking water in potentially any place, ranging from shopping centres, hotels and business offices to public spaces (public squares, train and bus stations, sports venues etc.).

Water ATMs developed by the Slovenian micro start-up are recognized both for their practical use and for the quality of the water provided, as certified for instance by the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission and other relevant recognitions. They are the result of advanced R&D activities and investments in technology.

The water distributed through the ATMs is pure, safe, fresh and its taste is of superior quality. Refilling of ATMs is monitored constantly – something that is useful in the prevention of the water overuse problem. In addition, water ATMs help limiting substantially the use of plastic bottles for water, currently one of the main causes of global pollution.

Commercial agency and distribution services partnerships are sought both with an aim to commercialize the ATMs on the market and to both organize and manage them logistically in an efficient and profitable manner (e.g. by developing an optimal water ATM network according to clients’ needs).

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• Advanced environmental-friendly technology with positive impact on people’s health and the environment; • Changing the conventions of how to access water throughout cities; • ATMs help local authorities in achieving cost savings in the medium term (particularly for regions and cities with low supply of drinkable water, underdeveloped water infrastructures or facing expensive water management); • Served water is 100% pure, fresh and rich in natural minerals; • ATMs prevent the use of chlorine, micro-plastic particles and chemical pollutants; • Cost efficiency for customers (ATM refillings can cost half than buying a plastic bottle of water); • A concept that reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles; • Reasonable costs for purchase and maintenance of ATMs; • Easy, quick, and modular installation.

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The Slovenian start-up company is looking primarily for two types of business collaborations/opportunities: • private companies acting as agents that are ready to commercialize the water ATMs in their region or province; • distributors. Distributors and commercial agents are expected to commercialize and manage ATMs and the ATM network (select appropriate locations; manage them practically etc.). Experience in related fields would be an advantage.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250