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Slovenian SME specialized in the production of plastic products and devices (containers and ventilators) is offering its products and services under manufacturing, subcontracting or outsourcing agreements

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Plastic fabricators
Polymer (plastics) materials
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A Slovenian family owned company is active in the design, production and manufacturing of plastic products, plastic devices and components (tanks, containers, pipelines, and ventilation systems). The company is primarily offering its services and products under manufacturing agreements, but eventually also under subcontracting and/or outsourcing agreements to interested European SMEs and larger industries – such as for instance the biochemical industry.



Slovenian family owned company is active in the design, production and manufacturing of plastic products and components with the most appropriate types of plastics (including Polypropylene (PP); Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)). It is also well equipped to manufacture, install and deliver plastic tanks and different other containers, storage tanks with or without reinforcements, and specific devices for ventilation systems, parts of ventilation systems, plastic pipelines etc. The company is able to design and manufacture sophisticated containers with a safety spill containment barrier (tank) that are, as such, suitable for storing aggressive media.

Products and services offered by the Slovenian company are of particular interest to European SMEs that are active in the biochemical industry, but can also be useful to a wide range of other industries, particularly the metal process industry and the automotive industry.

The Slovenian company employs skilled employees with many years of experience and a wide network of providers and local partners who help the company to offer individual plastic components and devices as well as deliver the comprehensive process, from the design of technology and technological solutions to planning, production and installation of the mentioned plastic containers, ventilation systems, pipelines for complex projects.

The company is looking to further expand its business network and the list of international co-operations abroad. Specifically, based on its expertise, the Slovenian company offers to become a manufacturer of the specified products for other companies under manufacturing agreements.

Alternatively, under subcontracting agreements, the company is willing to apply its know how in manufacturing and assembling products required by other SMEs.

Furthermore, under outsourcing agreements, the Slovenian company is willing to provide consultancy, perform some services and processes envisaged within complex projects in relevant industries.

Advantages & innovations

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Advantages include: • Application of the turnkey principle to projects or individual components – that is, the company is able to undertake all the responsibilities from design through completion and commissioning or individual plastic components; • Manufacturing of products from different types of plastics, including Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF); • The company has its own production premises, technologically advanced equipment and a warehouse; • The modular design can be applied to the lines, enabling a rapid management (e.g. disassembly) of preassembled and tested equipment; and it allows for a quick and affordable packaging, transportation and installation of the equipment with economic benefits for the customer; • The company is able to provide timely consulting on large projects, with fast and focused services in its areas of expertise and with a clear focus on the prevention of any kind of water and air pollution effects.

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Partners sought are European SMEs from industries such as the biochemical industry and the metal processing industry, that are looking for storage tanks, plastic containers, ventilators and pipelines. Their role will be to assign the Slovenian company the tasks concerning the production of the above-mentioned products and any related devices. Collaborations under manufacturing agreements could develop either on a short-term basis or on a medium/long-term basis. As an alternative, European SMEs that have a leading role in larger industrial projects will have the possibility to subcontract part of their production requirements to the Slovenian company (e.g. production of containers for the storage of particular liquids, chemicals and industrial waste, or ventilators for vapors). Furthermore, SMEs working on complex projects will be able to collaborate with the Slovenian company on specific parts of projects, particularly on solving issues that require adequate solutions for an optimal storage of liquid chemicals, the design and installation of ventilation systems etc. SMEs asking for consultancy on safety issues will be expected to commission the design of optimal solutions for the prevention of water and air pollution effects to the Slovenian company. In this case, the collaboration will develop under outsourcing agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250