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Slovenian specialist of disassembling, assembling, maintenance and relocating industrial equipment (lines and machines) is looking partners for services and/or manufacturing agreement

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Installation of industrial machinery and equipment


Slovenian company, specialized in disassembling and assembling services (machinery, production lines and complete plants), repair and maintenance of all types of industrial machinery, sales and engineering, is offering its services for a long-term business cooperation. The company is also offering to manufacture welded steel products (Fe and Inox/Tig, Co2) for other manufacturers.



Slovenian company is offering several different services.

Company is dealing with assembling and dismantling of production lines, complete production plants and all kinds of machines and machinery. Their experienced and specialized team of engineers, electricians and locksmiths ensures that the service is carried out without any problems, accidents or harm to machinery and that everything is packed and loaded according to the regulations for road or sea transport.

Company is also offering repair of all types of industrial machinery, maintenance, overhaul and repair of individual components, such as motors, pumps (screw, membrane, rotor, multistage) and other. An important part of their services includes repair and relocation of equipment, machines and lines and associated services in the field installations – both piping for all media as well as electro-installation works. They can also offer rebuilding machinery, revitalization or upgrade them to improve the performance or capacity extensions.

Another field is the sale new and used equipment, including machines and equipment, spare parts, parts of installation, pumps, aggregates and compressors.

In addition to the supply of specific machine parts, assembly of machines and devices, as well as major assemblies, they also design and execute turnkey projects for service in the industry. Their work covers the areas of complete mechanical engineering in the metal, the processing, chemical, metallurgical, wood, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to consulting and project work, the execution, purchasing, processing and enhancements of different machines and plants can also be arranged. In its range of services, they offer solutions in the field of engineering and marketing of used and new machinery. Their services include also test running, routine maintenance or preventive inspections and upgrades thereof.

The company would like to offer to business partners disassembling, assembling, maintenance and relocation of industrial equipment (lines and machines) and welded steel products (Fe and Inox/Tig, Co2). They have experts for mechanical and electrical area, so they are able to provide all services from beginning to the end. They are offering quality, good price and honest relationship. Their expectations from partners is fair payment and sticking to deadlines. The company has many references from companies around the world, so their quality is not questionable.

Company is looking for a long-term business cooperation with partners, who need any of the services offered, so that they can enter the market together. Therefore, they are looking for business partners to conclude services agreement in fields of maintenance, dismantling and assembling of machinery, production lines and complete plants.

They are also offering to manufacture welded steel products (Fe and Inox/Tig, Co2) for manufacturers of steel products. Therefore, they are looking for potential business partners that are looking for manufacturers of welded steel products and to conclude manufacturing agreement.

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The company is offering: - rapid and efficient implementation and supervision of preventive and investment maintenance services; - sale and lease of individual machines and equipment as a complementary service for long-term and system solutions; - implementation of the quality management system, based on continual improvement, to achieve zero errors and to ensure optimum course of project services, which must be reflected in the business results of the company and in the reduction of the number of customer complaints; - world wide services.

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The company is searching for partners in field of steel structure, automotive and agrofood industry which are looking for someone to perform maintenance, dismantling and assembling as well as for manufacturers of welded steel products (Fe and Inox/Tig, Co2).

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250