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A Slovenian supplier of nutraceutical ingredients and producer of food supplements is offering its production capacities via subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

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A Slovenian food supplements producer moved to new premises and significantly increased its production capacities. The company is therefore offering its additional available production capacities through subcontracting or manufacturing agreements.



A Slovenian company, founded in 2008 focuses on supplying high quality nutraceutical ingredients produced in state-of-the-art partner facilities worldwide. With complete commitment to top quality, competitive prices and excellent customer support, they established collaboration with many leading global and regional manufacturers of functional food products, beverages and food supplements.
In recent years, the company expanded its business premises and increased technology capacities with the production of supplements in the following three departments:

• Production of semi-solid cream, ointments and gels,
• Production of non – sterile liquids – syrups and liquid food supplements, and
• Production of solid food supplements, i.e. capsules.

The production of dietary supplements takes place in accordance with good manufacturing practice and established HACCP principles.
They offer their partners the production of ready-made food supplements (Private label) in the form of gelatin capsules, cellulose capsules, granules and powder form, tablets, and effervescent tablets.
Experts from external accredited laboratories carry out regular quality control.
Company also offers the possibility of packaging products in
plastic bottles, bottles or blister pack. All production batches are thoroughly tested in accredited laboratories; each production series is accompanied by an analysis report.
They can offer their partners a wide choice of existing formulations (over 300) of vitamin and mineral mixtures and mixtures of other micro-nutrients, which can be modified according to the requirements of users or specific individual foreign markets. During the designing of formulations, they always look to the latest scientific knowledge and applicable relevant legislation.
By implementing and constantly upgrading high quality standards in production of food supplements, their goal is to achieve recognizable quality of products and distinguish themselves as a reliable and desirable partner.

The company is already involved in international cooperation, as a manufacturer for different pharmaceutical/ food supplements companies, but they would like to expand their business abroad via manufacturing or subcontracting agreements in terms of offering their production capacities to other manufacturers on contractors.

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The company can also produce smaller batches of capsule series, 50-100 thousand per day. For the production of semisolid products, they have the following equipment: • Processing unit: capacity 3l -50 l • Homogenizing mixer: capacity 31-50 kg /daily • ERWEKA All purpose equipment: capacity 30-500 kg daily • ERWEKA Universal gear • Vacuum packing machine SmartVac1000 For the production of solid products, they use the following equipment: • Homogenizing mixer : capacity 31-50 kg /daily • Capsule filling machine: capacity 100,000 caps/daily • Automatic capsule loading machine For weighing they use: • Analytical weighing instrument METTLER TOLEDO • Precise weighing instrument RADWAG The control of raw materials, packing materials, intermediate products and finished products is regularly carried out in the accredited national laboratories of Slovenia and Italy.

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Company is looking for manufacturing agreements under which the company offers to manufacture certain products. The aim of this type of cooperation is to establish a partnership in the frame of which the Slovenian company offers its production capacities to a company which has a need to produce food supplement products and is looking for a manufacturer. The other possible way to cooperate is subcontracting under which the company is offering to become a subcontractor, i.e. it is willing to produce semi-solid cream, ointments and gels, non – sterile liquids – syrups and solid food supplements, i.e. capsules. In the frame of this type of cooperation the company is looking for contractors interested to assign some of the obligations to the Slovenian company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500