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A Slovenian young and innovative company, a multi-award winning manufacturer of 100% natural, organic cosmetics for children and adults, is looking for specialized distributors for natural cosmetics and offers distribution services agreement.

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The Slovenian manufacturer of award-winning organic and handmade cosmetic products from certified natural ingredients, dermatologically tested, without artificial fragrances and added preservatives, parabens, alcohol and mineral oils, in environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging, is looking for established distributors specializing in the distribution of 100% natural and organic cosmetics in Europe, for business collaboration under distribution services agreement.



The Slovenian company was founded 5 years ago, after the company's founder won the title »TOP product of the year« in 2016 with her deodorant in the first season of the »Start-up Slovenia« competition. In the years that followed the company expanded its offer of natural cosmetics and remains faithful to the idea of organic products made from completely natural ingredients. All products follow the idea that they must be so natural that you can eat them.

Today, the company offers a wide range of natural cosmetics - deodorants, oils and oils for body and face, shampoos, liquid soaps, products with CBD, children's program from birth, candles and creams to eliminate skin problems:
- natural deodorants: handmade deodorant creams made from exclusively natural ingredients with the scent of coconut, lemongrass and tea tree or the scent of frangipani and bergamot, as well as tangerines, kanange and bergamot or lavender and vanilla, also available as a deodorant in contact friendly biodegradable packaging. It is joined by a line of natural magnesium-based deodorants with the scent of green apple and vanilla, suitable for the skin of adolescents from the age of 12;
- natural line of 3 cosmetics for babies from birth and toddlers: Baby's first face and body cream, natural shampoo and bath in one and 100% cold pressed almond oil, the whole line was tested on a group of toddlers under pediatric supervision and received rating very well tolerated - highest rating;
- body oil, which is made from a mixture of organic oils, also extremely soothes the skin after shaving;
- natural ointment for problematic skin made on the basis of organic hemp oil with added propolis;
- natural CBD hemp drops for moisturizing and soothing the skin, as an extract from hemp leaves in combination with organic, cold-pressed hemp oil;
- face line of day cream, night serum, roll-on for dark circles and revitalizing lip gloss with CBD;
- natural butter make-up remover with carrot oil;
- candles for relaxation.

All products are dermatologically tested at the renowned independent laboratory J.S. Hamilton and hypoallergenic also do not contain added preservatives, parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances or added mineral oils. All products are organically and vegan (with the exception of the ointment containing ropolis) certified by the International Ecogea Institute.

A sustainable approach to production and business is very important for the company, so all their products are in recyclable or biodegradable packaging made of bioplastics, glass and aluminum and packed in cardboard packaging.

With 2 of its products in 2 different categories of cosmetics, the company became the winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2021 in Slovenia and is a finalist in the Pure Beauty Awards in Great Britain with a deodorant (final awards are to be announced in October 2021).

Today, the company is very well established on the Slovenian market and occupies a significant sales share in the segment of natural cosmetics, and deodorants have been the best-selling brand in the category of deodorants for one year at one of the largest retailers in the country.

The company is starting its penetration of foreign markets because it wants to expand its business and offer its natural products to customers in EU markets. In doing so, the company is looking for established or emerging distributors specializing in the distribution and sale of natural and organic cosmetic products under distribution services agreement.

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Advantages and innovations of the products comparing to competing products on the market: - Most products are so natural that one can eat them. - the company assures ingredient purity and minimalism in the composition of recipes for products that have a minimal effect on the skin and allow complete transparency in the listing of ingredients; - the company has developed its own contact packaging made of biodegradable plastic (lactic acid plastic), which decomposes into microorganisms, water and carbon, which has been shown to occur within 12 months of degradation under industrial conditions; - sustainable orientation of products - the products are completely organic and handmade cosmetic products made only from natural ingredients and do not contain added preservatives, parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances or added mineral oils. - The products are created with the environment in mind and are suitable for vegans. - Use of sustainable packaging - the products are in recyclable or biodegradable packaging made of bioplastics, glass and aluminum and packed in cardboard packaging (the company makes sure that they do not use unnecessary packaging). Advantages of the company comparing to competitors on the market: - A young company focused on innovative and sustainable products - Specialized in the development and manufacture of 100% natural and organic cosmetic products - Flexibility in terms of production volume - possibility to introduce niche products to the market that fulfil requirements of people with specific ingredient allergies - ability to develop new products according to the specifics of each market - highest creditworthiness company according to Dun & Bradstreet company rating - The company cooperates with “Grow My Tree” organization, which ensures that they plant trees with each of their products sold.

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The company is looking for established and emerging distributors among micro, small or medium-sized companies that specialize or are mainly focused on the distribution and marketing of 100% natural cosmetic products. Their role will be the promotion and marketing of Slovenian company's products, which includes: promotion and marketing of products through social networks and related online stores, promotion and marketing directly in specialized stores with natural products and cosmetics (bio stores), promotion and marketing in cosmetics chain stores (drugstores, etc.), in specialized beauty salons that swear by natural cosmetics, also suitable for offering in hotel chains, at various business and promotional events (fairs, etc.) related to natural products and cosmetics, and possibly in larger established retail chains such as Spar, Leclerc, Lidl and others. The Slovenian company will offer comprehensive support to interested distributors with appropriate marketing and promotional materials, a certain amount of promotional products for the implementation of promotions and customer testing, preparation of customized packaging and product declarations and logistical support for the supply of appropriate quantities of products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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