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Smart-system for the control and management of complex energy facilities and networks

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An IT company from Ukraine offers a new Smart-system of innovative transformation of electric networks and intelligent technologies for power consumption optimization and energy saving. The advantages of the proposed system: using of new information technologies in the energy sector; new opportunities of innovation and investment transformation of power supply systems; low cost and ease of use. The company is looking for licensing agreements or joint venture agreements.



The IT company occupies leading position in Ukraine in the development and implementation of new information technologies in the energy sector. Information technologies are oriented to optimize power consumption, energy saving, control and management of electrical systems and networks. The know-how is realized on the basis of the computer diagnostic and control environment developed by the specialists of the company, which has received an international certificate. It was developed basing on the mutual integration of electrical network topology and computing environment architecture.
New solutions of the company can significantly improve the efficiency of electrical systems and networks by optimizing and redistributing energy flows and, consequently, increasing the time and quality of use for end users. The proposed system allows simultaneous and real-time all-mode computer monitoring of high-speed technological processes of all parameters of the power supply system, as well as to predict and identify the places of occurrence of emergency modes. To manage the energy saving procedures, it is possible to carry out spectral analysis of abnormal modes, diagnostics and forecast of the technical condition of electrical networks and electrical equipment. This ensures the prevention of systemic accidents and man-made disasters
The company is looking for new international partnerships to expand the market, as well as diversify its revenue streams and increase both turnover and profitability. The company is ready to provide both software and monitoring and control equipment, and is ready to work for individual customer requests.
It is assumed that the partnership will be in the form of a license agreement or a joint venture.
Licensing agreements will be reviewed with industry partners who want to use this technology in their industrial applications.
Joint ventures with business partners will be reviewed with the goal of creating a network for technology distribution in Europe and other international markets.

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- Prevention of accidents and man-made disasters; - Improving the efficiency of electrical systems and networks associated with optimizing of energy flows’ redistribution and; accordingly, increasing the lifetime and quality of the use for end users. - Improving the reliability of electrical systems and networks: -Identification of places with increased emergency danger, -Response and troubleshooting, - Self-optimization of system work; - High-tech experience and specific know-how of new information technologies for the energy sector; - The personal demonstration laboratory of the company allows to test modern solutions for energy systems and carry out pilot projects for customers; - The company constantly invests in the knowledge and training of its specialists, which allows it to create the most effective products to solve the business tasks of its clients.

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The IT company is looking for industrial partners in the field of electric power industry and energy network monitoring to use the proposed technology in their enterprises, as well as business partners who can help to launch the technology for international markets. Forms of cooperation. Preferred options for cooperation are a license agreement and a joint venture agreement.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500