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SMEs with experience as distributors in the glass industry are sought, in order to be engaged in a distribution agreement with an Albanian company, which is specialized in the glass and aluminium industry.

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Hardening, heat treatment
Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems


Based in Tirana, this is an Albanian company specialized in producing aluminium and glass doors and windows. It is looking for industry SMEs to be engaged in a distribution agreement. The company's range of products are glass shower enclosures, doors and windows, glass facades and other glass products. Materials are imported from Italy and treated in its main premises. In addition the company is offering high quality products.



Founded in 1993, this Albanian company started as a little factory, specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum doors and windows. In 2000, the company invested in new technology buying high quality glass processing machines, adding to the production line, tempering, insulating, laminating, sand blasting and printing.
In 2005, it introduced shower enclosures, by extending its product range. In 2007 it launched the creation of customized department. Now days, it is specialized in high-end glass work that incorporates modern designs.
One of the strong points of the company is its long term experience in this field. It is specialized in creating custom-designed glass partitions, windows and doors, shower enclosures, balustrades, staircases, and additional custom made glass projects. It has got a specific department for the customized services. One of the glasses offered is the shower-guard one, which is manufactured by nano-technology. It ensures a long-lasting life of the products.
Concluding in a distribution agreement with foreign industry SMEs would be suitable, in order to distribute the Albanian company's glass and aluminium products. These kind of collaboration and services required will directly indicate to the extension of their activity to the European market of glass products, in order to maximize the profits and to develop the company.

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This company has more than 26 years of experience in glass and aluminium industry and has created a specific department for customized services. This company has high quality glass processing machines and wide range of products. Glasses are manufactured by nano-technology.The nanotechnology glass or called also shower guard glass is a high quality glass which has some properties that make it more clear, more resistant against the water remains and anti calcareous.

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The Albanian company is interested cooperating with foreign partners, which should act as distributors of the Albanian company products, specifically glass shower enclosures, doors and windows, and glass facades. The experience is not a condition. The company is open to all kind of partners who want to distribute their products. No special characteristics are asked.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250




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