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A social network for good deeds is looking for investors

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A Bulgarian SME acting in the field of social networking developed a platform for good deeds. It allows anyone to find information and to become part of anything connected with the doing of good deeds – corporate social responsibility, volunteering, charity, etc. The company is looking for funding for further development under financial agreement.



There are many individuals and companies wishing to make good deeds but lacking systematic, trustworthy and reliable information about the available opportunities, partners and conditions for such activities. The existing variants for informing themselves about those opportunities are usually connected with searching throughout case-by-case publications in different media for single campaigns.
This inspired a Bulgarian start-up to develop a web platform and full set of services directly facilitating the businesses who would like to start or develop more focused and sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme with a higher added value, both for its own team and the society as a whole. Created in 2017, it’s the first social network connecting companies with CSR initiatives, non-profit organizations (NPO) and individuals for the doing of good deeds. All the newly registered users are verified by the platform creators. Within a period of 1 year the platform has gathered more than 15000 participating individuals. Over 200 organizations – manufacturing companies, as well as ones in the field of services and ICT, NPOs and municipalities. Financial and material donations are realized regularly. The financial donations are realized via bank transfer mainly, but the alternative of online payment is also at hand.
Purchases are realized through the online bazar with cause. Moreover, the good deeds have name, the process is transparent, traceable and the donations reach the recipient at 100%, without any deduction (the company’s income comes solely from advertising).
The users can create:
- causes on the platform in order to find allies,
- events for volunteers for making good deeds,
- charity campaigns (for funding or donation of goods),
- long-term relationships (for finding long-term volunteers),
- publications – articles, interviews, essays for good deeds of CSR businesses, NPOs and individuals.
The start-up develops its own campaigns through the platform as well.
The company got a few international awards in 2017 for its platform. It has also been distinguished nationally as an excellent innovator.
The company is looking for investors to fund its activity on the base of financial agreement for further development of the platform, both technologically (mobile application is under development already) and territorially (it can be internationalized with the relevant localization).

Advantages & innovations

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The main advantages of the platform are: - it unites all the forms of making good deeds – volunteering, charity causes, events and bazars, CSR campaigns, activities of NPOs, etc.; - it gives functionality with an added value for individuals, who want to make good deeds, for NPOs, looking for allies and for companies wishing to develop their CSR; - the platform is based on the well-known and liked functionality of the social networks in order to facilitate the users maximally in the process of making good deeds and to ensure transparency of the initiatives - anyone can like, comment, share, upload photos and videos; - notifications for new initiatives based on key words and chats are at hand too; - the platform also facilitates the donations of goods, which is a functionality of a type; - the platform has an opportunity for offering of goods and services, connected with causes, having the functionality of an online store as well and allowing the users not only to buy something nice and useful, but to help for the realization of even more good deeds. The causes can be of a different nature – for funding, gathering of materials, training, mentoring, etc. and can be initiated only by NPOs and municipal organizations. The products sold are mainly ones of crafts and part of the price is distributed for the purpose of campaign. Each step in the process is accompanied by e-mail notifications to all the parties – seller, customer, NPO, platform in order to guarantee full transparency; - the platform shows in real time the development of the cause; - the platform helps for the development of a community for doing of good deeds. There is not such a platform globally to unite in one place all the interested parties and to also offer the necessary functionalities for everyone who wants to make good deeds. The servers are located in Germany to additionally guarantee the platform’s security.

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The company is looking for investors of any kind – business angels, venture capitalists, etc. to fund the platform’s further development.