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Software development company seeking commercial agreement to sell and promote digital and automated back-office solutions

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The company established in Malta seeks a commercial agreement to market and sell its digital and automated back-office solution made for various industries as a stand-alone for on-boarding and account management. The software is a specialised, modern digital back-office solution with an intuitive and flexible web-based application allowing organisations to rapidly on-board, screen, self-generate necessary paperwork and manage their clients throughout their entire life cycle.



The inbuilt smart end-user interface owned by the Maltese company is engineered after years of experience in the field of software creation in the business industry.

The solution is designed for departments seeking streamline customer-acquisition, automated data filing and data analytics supporting compliance. The software solution does not impose any new processes to their customers but rather mimic step by step their existing processes to turn them paperless, more efficient (no typos, recurrent mistakes, 70% decrease rate of false-positive for Anti Money Laundering) and automate most of the repetitive tasks.

Such functions take place in anti-money laundering checks, know-your-client requests, the generation of necessary forms, invoicing according to certain parameters and the inbuilt timesheet recording, risk assessment and customer profiling. The software enables a business to avoid using emails thanks to the intuitive dashboard on both the client and the company side added to its chat and the extensive comments on each field.

The company has already provided built modules to Corporate Service Providers in Malta to digitise and automate the incorporation process as well as the Malta Residency and Visa Programme application. The company has other projects concerning asset registrations, working permits and financial services licenses applications. The company helps lawyers and bankers to quickly identify ownership structures from owners to subsidiaries and use this data across necessary forms.

The company drove multiple use cases focusing on the on-boarding and account management, saving considerable amount of time and energy.

The solution is suitable for Fintech and Payment Service Providers since the company provides a stand-alone solution for customer acquisitions and management of task for each proposed service.

The software solution is also attractive to real estate agencies where the companies provide a quick and interactive on-boarding system that then drafts all the necessary rental contracts and gather the necessary documents.

Human Resources and recruitment solutions are provided to screen candidates automatically after their on-boarding and can get interviewed seamlessly all in one go.

Lastly, the company recently embarked in a new venture with an Amazon re-seller in Hungary where the company takes care of the charge-backs and management of returning goods.

The company is seeking a commercial agreement with re-sellers and marketing agents to widen their clientele internationally.

Advantages & innovations

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The major benefit of this software lies in its automation. It enables firms to be quicker and more efficient as it eliminates recurrent mistakes, typos, redundancy in data filings and allows organisations to allocate more resources into value-generating segments in an environmental friendly way. Software saves time to the client since it does not require repetitive copy and pastes with clients' data into templates, application forms, authorisation letters, proof of assignments, reports and invoices. Such functions are done seamlessly by the system. it takes clients approximately 25 minutes to on-board themselves from their laptop and takes account managers 10 minutes to review everything, setup a company, apply for a license or any official process. The solution also reduces email transactions for communication purposes since account managers can chat, comment, download and upload any document from their dashboard; same like their clients. Timesheets update is also rendered easier since the solution provides the possibility of pressing a button. The same applies to invoicing. The main benefits of using this software solution is: - Speed up document delivery - Reduces total time taken between the submission of a program/process/thread/task for execution and the return of the complete output to the customer/user; - Respect deadlines - Easy to use - Improves documentation quality - Process is fully digital - Eliminates data entries - Automates compliance

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The company is seeking a commercial agreement with resellers to sell solution to end users or wholesalers within their region. The company is also interested to sign agreement with marketing agents, clearly listing the scope of work to be undertaken, and any duties and expectations that the business has of the commercial agency. The solution provided by the Maltese company can be promoted and sold as a white label software solution to companies involved in: legal, corporate services providers, financial technology, payment services providers, real estate agency, recruitment agency, insurance and banks.

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SME 11-50


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Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland