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Software to manage time, cost and quality decisions in the construction process using a life cycle approach.

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A Spanish technology centre has developed a software for the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry which provides technical support alongside the construction process. It works with BIM (building information modelling) and the main modelling platforms. It allows monitoring of time, cost and quality parameters and gives information on safety and health as well as environmental impact. They are interested to collaborate with a European company through a license agreement.



The Spanish technology centre provides the building industry with tools and technical support to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Many different aspects (costs, materials, environmental impact, certifications, …) have to be considered in the different phases of the process (planning, design, execution, monitoring …) to run an efficient and effective construction project. A good integration of all these data and share of information with the different players involved is essential for the success of the project. Different solutions for the data integration and information share as well as integration of modelling methodologies, that allow reduction costs, such as BIM (building information modelling), have been developed and are being used in the construction industry since years.

However, most of the existing solutions do not integrate or only to a limited extent environmental parameters in the planning and execution of the construction project. The solution offered by the Spanish technology centre integrates an extensive database of environmental indicators that allows to consider energetic cost of materials and other environmental impacts and in all the phases of the process using a life cycle approach.

They have developed a software solution for the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) to manage and make time, cost and quality decisions throughout the construction process with a life cycle approach. The software provides support with the activities of drafting, contracting, planning and control of construction projects and works.

It is a methodology that enables setting and monitoring the values of the parameters "time", "costs" and "quality", as well as the formulation of safety and health on construction sites, the waste generation and the energy cost of construction materials.

The software generates all the documents required to elaborate waste management reports and it analyses the environmental impact of the construction materials: in the production and use of materials on the construction sites. The methodology used to determine the environmental impact is the life cycle analysis approach using 22 environmental indicators.

They are commercialising this program in Spain and they would like to start all over Europe. They seek to collaborate with a company from the north, centre and east of Europe to develop specific databases and commercialize this tool. They are interested in a license agreement. The Spanish technology centre can provide technical support in the adaptation of the offered solution to the specific needs of the country / partner.

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The main advantages of this solution compared with other ones existing on the market are: - The software works with BIM (Building Information Modelling) and includes an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) viewer that helps in better planning. - It works with files of the main modelling platforms: Bentley-AECOsim, Nemestcheck-Allplan, Graphisoft-Archicad, Autodesk-Revit, Trimble-Tekla, etc. - It integrates information from different sources to make a budget. - It works in the cloud and enables better interaction between stakeholders.

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The Spanish technology centre is interested to collaborate with companies from the north, centre and east of Europe working in the construction sector with the necessary technical expertise to develop specific databases adapted to the requirements (e.g. regulation) of the country. The databases will be integrated in the software of the Spanish technology centre and the European company will commercialize the complete solution. The collaboration envisaged is a license agreement.

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