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Software platform for improving electric vehicle (EV) recharging management and energy exchanges looks for financial and technical cooperation

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A Basque (Spain) SME is developing a platform with software functionalities and blockchain technology that orchestrates transactions between each electric vehicle (EV) charging station in a simple way with maximum security and traceability. They are looking for partners who would engange in financial and technical cooperation agreements.



The Basque SME offers a platform with software functionalities to facilitate the energy management and exchanges in order to create the automated, customer-centric, and decentralized energy markets of the future. A set of applications that meet the unaddressed needs of today and tomorrow's users.

Its basic component is a cloud-based system that collects and processes data, helping energy retailers and professionals find information and receive recommendations of power supply and consumption details. Additionally, the platform is enhanced with a number of tools that further improve the productivity of the commercial teams, so in one visit, they can not only do the prospecting process, but also compare energy costs based on historical data and finally complete the sales process with a digitized contract signing process. Data analysis capabilities are now being added to the platform as an engine to provide value added services to energy companies, aggregators and prosumers.

The ultimate goal is to provide a blockchain based platform that provides a robust and reliable ecosystem for the realization of energy exchanges in a distributed way, optimizing these transactions with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that act both in the management of demand, and in the selection of energy generation sources. The platform will tackle different know-how and technologies to reach the market:

- Internet of Things (IOT): they will deploy their own metering hardware in order to real time monitor and control the energy consumption, and to enable and disable those devices.
- Flexibility operator: to balance demand and select energy sources depending on aggregate demand, patterns and predictions provided by their algorithms.
- Blockchain data hub: to store data safely and grant access to third parties only if approved by the user.
- Offer personalized services based on data

The company is looking for financing in order to scale up their activities. Technical cooperation will also be needed to deploy their solutions in Spain and other European countries.

Advantages & innovations

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Within the electric vehicle industry, the company is the only player acting as energy aggregator with the ability of balancing demand and selecting energy sources using smart grid techniques, and integrating not only with chargers but also with car navigation systems for individual or corporate usage. In the overall energy exchanges our system will: - Significantly cut costs and optimize current business processes - Create new revenue streams by offering value added services that go beyond the traditional functionalities of energy retailers - Provide blockchain-grade data security - Enable energy stakeholders to run on completely decentralized energy markets

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company has in mind different types of partners, among these: energy retailers which supply electricity to EV charging stations and would like to apply the software for a better monitoring of the energy they provide; car and charger manufacturers who are interested in financing them for scaling up their activities in order to test the platform, give an appropiate feedback and profit, by conquering new national markets, from the software improvements; and EV sellers who would benefit from the software that boosts confidence among the potential EV drivers to find charging stations. Technical collaboration from embedded systems and software engineers is as well envisaged in order to deploy their solutions in both Spain and other European countries.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Example of multi-source energy consumption management