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South Italy based association seeks commercial agents for its innovative holiday packages

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A non-governmental and non-profit association, located in an historical town in South Italy, aims to promote and coordinate activities that support a responsible, sustainable and ethical tourism. The association intends to develop and expand the local tourism and it is looking for tour operators interested in the promotion of innovative holiday packages, under commercial agency agreements.



The area where the association is based is traditionally known for the Norman conquest between XI and the XIIth century and for its wildlife forests, the ideal place for excursions, trekking, horse riding and other activities. Also, this area is characterized by the high concentration of farms that can give turists the opportunities to buy the local products directly from a farm stand, to explore a corn maze, to pick fruit, to feed animals, or to stay at a bed and breakfast (B&B) on a farm. The turists can also try their hand in traditional actvities such as the preparation of gastronomic specialities of the area: olive oil, tomato sauce, local mushrooms in oil etc... The turistic offer is further enriched by the proximity of the Calabrian coast and therefore of several beaches where it is possible to spend the holidays.

The tourist packages that can be offered are different, for example:
- farms package: the turists can learn how to make wine, oil and other gastronomic specialities, directly at the local farms;
- cuisine package: the tourists can take a cooking class or take a gastronomic tour in the traditional local restaurants. They can also do others activies such as the exploration of the local area or the visit of the monuments;
- wine taste package: the tourists can discover how it is possible to make the wine and they can also taste the different varietes of the wines in the local wine cellars;
- sport and healthy holiday: in order to explore the wild forest and do sports activities outside. Among the sports activities, for the example: trekking, horse riding, bike riding, run in the forest, camping etc...;
- wedding package: it is possible to celebrate your own marriage in accordance with the tradition of place.

The Italian association is looking for international partners, tour operators, who intend to access the market with these innovative tourist packages, under a commercial agency agreements.

Advantages & innovations

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The Italian association offers a model of responsible, sustainable and ethical tourism. The offer is diversified and the tourist can carry out different activities, including activities such as preparing wine or gastronomic specialties, which are traditionally not associated with holiday moments. Moreover, the offer is flexible, since specific packages can be composed according to the specific needs of the customer, through a mix of elements of different packages.

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The Italian association seeks international tour operators interested in proposing alternative tourism models to its customers, under a commercial agency agreement.