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A South Korean manufacturer of PVC wrap is looking for European partners under distribution services agreement and manufacturing agreement.

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Polymer (plastics) materials
Manufacture of plastic packing goods


The South Korean company specialized in manufacturing PVC cling film for food was established in 2013. This company now seeks for European partners who are capable of distributing their products under distribution service agreement. Also, potential partners can be the ones who are interested in manufacturing agreement.



A South Korean company was founded in 2013 and has been specialized in manufacturing customized premium PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) cling film (manual and machine wrap) for food grade quality.

This PVC wrap for food is made from vegetable plasticizer, characterized by clear transparency, strong clinging effect, tensile strength, elongation, anti-fogging, oxygen permeability and long-term preservation. In general, plasticizer is used for making PVC and it contains harmful materials but to prevent that, this company uses plasticizers of vegetable origin. Besides, product quality is certified by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration).

The company supplies PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) wrap casting line to overseas markets with unlimited customer satisfaction plan and special care program. Customers are markets, discount stores, food production factories and packaging mills.

The South Korean company wants to expand their business to Europe, thus now seeks for European partners who are interested in signing up distribution service agreement and manufacturing agreement. This company wants to export their products and distribute them in European market with cooperation of European partner through signing up the distribution agreement. Also they are offering to manufacture PVC products for European partners upon their various request.

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- Made from human friendly vegetable plasticizer - Excellence in functions (clear transparency, strong clinging effect, excellent tensile strength & elongation, anti-fogging effect, oxygen permeability and long-term preservation) - All the machineries of production lines are designed and manufactured with technical know-how

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This South Korean company wants to broaden their business to the European market. Hence they are looking for European partners who are interested in distribution service agreement and manufacturing agreement. Potential partners should have experiences in importing and distributing such relevant products with wide network. Meanwhile, the company is offering to manufacture the PVC wrap so anyone who are looking for the PVC wrap producers are also welcomed.