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Spanish AI, IOT specialized SME, focused in digitalisation technology for industrial asset tracking solutions, looks for partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things
Process Plant Engineering
Data processing, analysis and input services
Artificial intelligence related software
Other electronics related equipment
Process control equipment and systems
Other industrial automation
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Founded in 1986, the Spanish SME has been widely involved in industrial transformation of different sectors and activities. Evolving from operational technologies (OT) to Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), they have gained experience and specialisation in the field of industrial assets tracking technology solutions. They are looking for partners with industry relations, for cooperation under commercial with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.



Founded in the late 80’s the company has grown nationally, thanks to their innovation culture and entrepreneurial spirit. It counts with presence and clients in different Spanish regions and counts with some clients in international market, which have driven them to directing its efforts on internationalization. Focused on its IOT, Data and Artificial Intelligence teams, they have developed a cutting edge end-to-end solutions portfolio, in order to cover industrial clients´ needs.

The company is able to embrace whole digitalization process, for different industrial sectors, grouping their activities for this processes under four main categories:

- Sensorisation: Tailor-made integration, data acquisition and sensorisation: (sensors, systems, telecommunications, gateways.)
- Data: Platform, architecture, data processing and analysis-
- Artificial intelligence: Computing vision, machine learning, deep learning.
- Interface: Creative visualisation, platform designing, user experince.

They are able to develop end-to-end solutions suitable for specific client needs. They adapt OT sensors to cover IoT functions and integrate them in final the solution. They can integrate different technologies: Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Lora, Sigfox, NBE…and additionally, they can supply their solutions with Artificial Intelligence processes to ensure the most accurate information.

They have already worked for clients from different sectors: Consumer goods Industry, Heavy Industry, Automotive, Agri-food Industry, Logistics and Distribution, Transport and Fleet, offering their solutions for:

- Assets location
- Stock and resources Control
- Delivery and fleet tracking
- Temperature monitoring
- Anti-theft system
- Energy and inputs consumption measurement
- Routes optimisation
- Workforce control and monitoring
- Occupational risk prevention systems
- Timing management and optimisation
- Processes improvements

Working on the Benelux region in Europe, they are currently looking for partners with industrial solutions experience willing to work under or commercial with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.

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The lessons learned through the years with clients of different sectors regarding innovation technology processes, have driven the company to develop solutions which empower companies to adopt innovation fast, facilitating integrations and producing better by introducing Artificial Intelligence and IoT in their production processes on one side while facilitating returns on investments and cost reduction goals on the other. The solutions the company provides allow efficiencies thanks to the amelioration of internal new measures uptake which support new internal control and processes operational knowledge insights. Their solutions integrate different technologies (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Lora, Sigfox, NBE…), sensors and devices, allowing them to cover larger areas in comparison to other solutions reaching high accurate assets location indexes for indoor and outdoor environments. Without the use of invasive devices, their solutions become invisible for the customer and can be installed both indoors and outdoors with a high precision and low impacts. The combination of sensors and devices for their solutions deployment follows a sustainable friendly approach, without the need to calibrate or to adapt anything in most of the cases. The new raw data generated, can be easily interpreted thanks to the creation of advanced analytics tools which generate valuable data (repetition of users, hours, time spent in certain areas, etc) in forms of evolution charts, production flows, alarms..etc. The data processed is afterwards visually desplayed on high intuitive tailor made dashboards when needed.

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The company seeks European companies with knowledge or experience in digitalisation activities for industrial sectors and processes for collaboration under commercial with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500