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Spanish biotech company seeks partners for commercialization of cancer auto-antibody-based assays to sign distribution agreements.

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The Spanish company develops and commercializes cancer auto-antibody-based assays for cancer diagnosis and clinical management. They seek distributors for their auto-antibodies portfolio willing to work under distribution or commercial agency agreements. With more than 10 years of expertise, developing R&D projects for biotech and pharmaceutical companies and research entities, for this reason they offer their services for co-developments under services or manufacturing agreements.



The company founded in 2006, has been constantly evolving in the development and commercialization of cancer auto-antibody-based assays.

Their line of activities have been growing since their begining, and nowadays comprise, research activities on one side and product design and development activities on the other. Both lines work either for its own proprietary activities and for those of their clients .

Its portfolio includes products and services related with cancer auto-antibody-based assays for cancer diagnosis and clinical management. As the company has began a consolidation stage, they have stablish a double approach for gaining presence in the European market.

Considering their portfolio of products,present on the market, they seek for agents helping them to increase their product sales, and on the other side, they look for new alliances in order to explore synergies and cooperations in new prognosis and diagnosis tools of cancer, offering their technical capacities as services for co-development.

Their product portfolio has been recently updated with new auto-antibodies. Auto-antibodies are antibodies (types of proteins) produced by the immune system that are directed against one or more of the individual's own proteins, such as the tumor antigens present in cancer. Tumor-associated antigens (TAA) can derive from any protein or glycoprotein synthesized by the tumor cell. Tumor proteins can be affected by specific point mutations, misfolding, overexpression, aberrant glycosylation, truncation, or aberrant degradation. Immune system from patients reacts against this TAA’s of the tumor generating several autoantibodies that can be measured in a simple blood test. The advantage of autoantibodies as biomarkers is that they appear at detectable levels in patient’s early blood, allowing earlier diagnosis before symptoms are present and even before other types of biomarkers can be measured. Another auto-antibodies feature that makes them suitable for utilization as biomarkers is their high relative concentrations, extended long half-life and with good stability in blood.

Regarding their auto-antibodies portfolio novelties, they are seeking European life sciences related distributors, in order to set partnerships under distributors or commercial agency agreements.

A second line of activities for the company are offered under service agreements. Counting with a solid team of researchers and technicians, their lab facilities, proprietary equipments and techniques allows them to offer state of the art development services for antibody based assays usually performed under individual customer contracts (CRO).

These services are set for clients with development activities in the fields of:

o Protein expression and purification
o Polyclonal antibody production
o Monoclonal antibody production
o Recombinant antibody Technology

As result of their proprietary developments the company has successfully accomplished their own blood-based diagnostic test for early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) in population at risk (men and woman 50-75 years old). This non-invasive test shows several technical and economic advantages compared to currently available diagnostic tools that have complexity-related limitations or offer poor detection capacity.

Their experience and expertise in this kind of developments is offered as a service . They seek partnerships with European pharma and biotech companies, and academic or research institutions dealing with prognosis and diagnostic activities of pathologies as cancer (developers and suppliers partners of cancer auto-antibody-based assays) , to cooperate under services or manufacturing agreements.

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The company main strength relies in its strong knowledge of protein and antibody design, development and production activities what positions themselves as a product and custom-tailored services provider for clients and companies related to proteins and antibodies production and/or protein expression. Their experience and established network of collaborators allows them to meet the needs of the academic and biotechnology industry. The company has grown since its foundation in 2006, and has been successful in its proprietary product development process, having accumulated enough experience and know how to offer their own-manufactured innovative proteins and antibodies (some of them exclusively provided by them). Their specialized services in protein design and production are the state of the art and client backed and based in three different expression systems: E. coli (bacterial), Baculovirus in insect cells and mammalian cells. Regarding cancer auto-antibody-based assays, their advantage is that they appear early at detectable levels in patient’s blood, allowing earlier diagnosis before symptoms are present and even before other types of biomarkers can be measured. As for its test for colorectal cancer diagnosis, the test measures a type of molecule in blood which is stable, has a long half-life and appears early in high concentration compared to other biomarkers, allowing thus the early diagnosis of the disease where clinical symptoms are not yet visible. Their estimations shows a potential market of 2.826 M€ for this test.

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The Spanish biotechnology company is interested in establishing : 1-Commercial agency or distributors agreements with European life science related agents working in European countries with good knowledge of pharma and biotech companies as well as scientific or academic entities, regarding their antibodies portfolio products. 2-Establishing strategic alliances with European pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and academic institutions that may need new developments of protein and antibodies arrays and ELISA diagnostic kits, in diagnostic or prognostic of several pathologies, mainly cancer. The company is seeking for european companies with an open innovation mindset and collaboration experience, willing to partnership in the co-development of new solutions. The company offers their services to collaboration under manufacturing or services agreement

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500