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Spanish biotechnological company developing products for industrial applications through innovative and sustainable solutions from marine microorganisms, offers subcontracting services

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Organic Substances
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A Spanish biotechnological company has one of the largest marine microbial collections worldwide, and with the diversity of their libraries, can design and perform a variety of multidisciplinary projects. The company has more than 20 years of experience developing microbial-based products and processes and offers both license agreements or subcontracting to foreign partners.



The Spanish biotechnological company offers unique libraries of 80.000 strains, 70.000 microbial extracts and 1000 pure natural compounds ready to use for its partners’ applications. The diversity of their collections, together with the team technical experience and expertise in project design and execution, constitutes an effective discovery tool that has been successfully used for the development of products and processes for key industrial sectors, such as human health & cosmetics, agriculture and food.
The company’s activities and services include:
• Customized screening development and performance. They can develop projects from the validation of a bioassay to the identification of the molecules responsible for the activity. Their expertise and success are based on rational design of the screening process in order to identify nuisance and unspecific substance as soon as possible, avoiding wasting time and money along the process. They use the natural products, which are a great source of new chemistry and suitable candidates.

• Active compound identification. Provides isolation and characterization services for organic substances, including separation of complex mixtures and identification of unknown impurities.

• Strain and fermentation optimization. This is the first step for a consistent production of desired metabolites for industrial applications. They are experts in maximizing the yield during the fermentation and optimizing the cost of the process, a key milestone during the development of a new product.

• Scale-up and pilot plant manufacturing: Along with the fermentation, further treatment and purification steps need to be as simple and cost efficient as possible.

• Natural product catalog. More than 300 natural occurring molecules in stock available for research purposes.

• Microbial natural products on demand. The company is a provider of a microbial metabolite on demand.

As a small company, their business model is flexible, so they choose the partnership types, depending on the project scope, risks, innovation and purpose. They can offer a service under subcontracting and the transferring of rights under license agreement.

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Their main advantages and innovations are: • access to new natural structures with activity against priority targets. • marine natural products-based customized screening design and performance. • reproducible, scalable and sustainable solutions for complex industrial needs

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The partner should be a company with research and development department interested in The development of new active products, and with the need of a chemical or microbial solution, of the several sector possible such as human health & cosmetics, agriculture and food, etc.. The ideal partner has an unmet target that may be addressed by fermentation.

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SME 51-250