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Spanish company, developer of contactless/air pressure driven collaborative robot for physiotherapy, seeks partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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A Spanish startup has developed a collaborative robot to fully support physiotherapists in the personalised treatment of patient´s muscle injuries. The robot objectively aids with the diagnosis using infrared images and is able to fully mimic a clinician’s pressure massage therapy using temperature-controlled pressurized-air, reducts patient recovery time and contributes to lowering treatment costs. They look for sellers and distributors to reach commercial agreements with technical assistance.



A Spanish startup has developed a highly innovative robotic technology within the medical-rehabilitation area after several years of research and development. This solution was born from the hands of a physiotherapist and uses robotic technology for the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies.

Back pain, a musculoskeletal disorder, is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also the most common reason why people visit their doctor and take time off work. Even though back pain is extremely common, there are no established guidelines or protocols when it comes to diagnosis and a typical 15-minute doctor’s visit is usually not enough to explain, understand and evaluate everything that’s going on in an achy back.

Diagnoses also tend to be subjective, and the success of treatments, which often involve massage sessions, depends a lot on the quality of the therapist. People also have different pain thresholds, which makes it difficult to assess the evolution of the condition.

The company has worked to address these challenges and make physiotherapy accessible to all. To achieve this, a fully automated unmanned physiotherapy robot has been developed, designed by physiotherapists for physiotherapists, who seek to have a collaborative tool that provides individual and real data of thermal measurement with traceability and evolution, as well as eliminating repetitive processes that do not provide value to the physiotherapist and above all serve to treat muscular pathologies through air pressure.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the robot identifies effective treatments and tracks the condition of patients. The robot begins by exploring the body with 3D thermal vision, identifying hot and cold spots. It then applies artificial intelligence to detect the type of back injury and define necessary treatments.

This robotic treatment concept is based on a physiotherapy method widely used by physiotherapists that involves applying continuous pressure on MTP (myofascial trigger points). These points must be defined by a health professional (physician or physiotherapist) and thus determine the existence of the pathology that can be treated.

The physiotherapy robot has been developed with the objective to fully support physiotherapists in the holistic personalised treatment of their patient´s muscle injuries. The robot has demonstrated to objectively aid with the diagnosis of muscle injuries by using infrared images of the body and is able to fully mimic a clinician’s pressure massage therapy using temperature-controlled pressurized-air. The clinical findings from patients have shown that this robot has a positive impact on the reduction of patient recovery time from 7 to 3 weeks and has contributed to lowering waiting lists and treatment costs by 40%.

The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance involving distributors and commercial partners. Distribution companies would preferable be international and with experience in high-end physiotherapy devices.

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This device is a unique combination of robotics, artificial intelligence, and medical science to reach new levels in physiotherapy care to patients. The company has the competitive advantage of being the unique solution on the market capable of automating physiotherapy massages improving efficiency, recovery time, and giving medical proof of patients’ recovery. Clinical findings from patients have shown that the robot has a positive impact on the reduction of patient recovery time from 7 to 3 weeks as well as has contributes to lowering waiting lists and treatment costs by 40%. This device has the following advantages: • Shorter and more effective treatments: 20 minutes vs 1 hour with the traditional physiotherapist. • Increased number of treatments: Thanks to its ease of use, its speed and precision allows 3x more treatments per day, in addition to a longer schedule. • Prevention of injuries: Thermographic images allow visualization of the beginning and evolution of the treatment, identifying problems. Great value as a support to the diagnosis and positive evolutionary measurement. • Follow-up of the evolution of injuries, storage in the cloud with all the necessary information in a collective and individual way, providing traceability. • Non-contact treatments, totally customizable and reproducible. • Small and mobile robot. • Easy to use. • High security and privacy Data in AWS Cloud. • Excellent patient experience with over 500 effective treatments. • Advantage described by professional physiotherapists, given that using this technology provides them with less fatigue and less muscle damage in both hands and lower back.

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- Type of partner sought: Companies. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Physiotherapy/health sector, wellness/sports - Task to be performed: Selling and/or distribution of the product under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


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