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Spanish company of high barrier films seeks distributors or commercial agents in UK, France and the Netherlands

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Plastic fabricators
Manufacture of plastic packing goods


Spanish company specialized in the production of all type of high barrier films which are used in food packaging and other industrial applications is looking for distributors or commercial agents in UK, France and the Netherlands



This Spanish company manufactures all type of high barrier EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer) films which are used in food packaging and also in other non-food (industrial) applications. The company is experienced not only in extrusion but also in customizing products upon customers’ request.

They produce different kind of films that can be used for different applications: meat, cheese, fish, bread and bakery, pet food, technical products, detergents, etc…They have medium barrier films to produce vacuum bags, or films for pillow-pack packages (corn-flakes) which counts with selective permeability. Film for thermoforming machines used for trays with MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). Films developed for skin packing machine, which adapts perfectly to the product being packed (meat, cheese, fish.. etc). Films developed to separate slices of cheese or cold meat, which counts with excellent flatness.

They use the most modern technology to provide protection to their products. Their products fulfill all standards of food legislation. Speed and location allows them to shorten lead-times and improve logistics´ costs.

The company has 17 years of experience in the plastic industry, since 2017 they have launched a new division for industrial packaging and are looking to expand their business in UK, France and the Netherlands, for this reason they seek a local partner that would be interested in reaching a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement with exclusivity.

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Thanks to their state-of-the-art machinery and continuous improvement & development the company can be more competitive than other extruding companies. Multiple layers of the film make the product more attractive, competitive and ecological if compared to other options in the market

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Already on the market

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The Spanish manufacturer of high barrier films is looking for distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. In the case of distribution services agreement they are interested in finding an experienced local distributor in packaging industry or currently representing other materials such as food trays that are complementary to their films. Also a machinery manufacturer (for example thermoforming machine producer) could be another potential distribution channel. The company considers an exclusive distribution agreement. For the commercial agency agreement they are looking for a company or a person who knows local high barrier packaging used in food industry or another industrial applications that require EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer). The partner may also benefit from an exclusivity agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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France, Netherlands, United Kingdom