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Spanish company is looking for distributors of its garlic and potato crop machinery

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A Spanish company manufactures different machines for the management of garlic and potato crops that cover the whole crop process, from the seed plantation to the harvesting. The company is looking for distribution agreements.



The Spanish company was born in 1954 as a manufacturer of machinery for agriculture. The company specialized in garlic and potato crop machinery and started its international development in 2004 having presence in more than 35 countries.

The agricultural machinery developed by the Spanish company automatize the whole garlic and potato crop process, starting with the seed plantation and ending with the harvesting.

Garlic crop machinery:
-Splitters: It separates and classifies the cloves
-Planters: It collects and positions the garlic bulbs without damaging at the depth and dosage required
-Pneumatic planters: It provides precision at high speed
-Harvester binders: It removes the garlic bulbs from the soil, eliminating part of the soil, maintaining the leaves for greater preservation and grouping the harvest together to make collection easier.
-Harvester cutters: It remove the bulb from the soil, remove part of the soil and cut the
leaves, storing the bulbs in boxes or sacks of different sizes.
-Post-harvest machinery: Roller conveyors, brushers, graders, peelers.

Potato crop machinery:
-Cup feed planters: It dispenses and positions the potato seeding
-Diggers: It harvests the potato

The company is looking to develop its international business in order to diversify even more its partners portfolio. The company is looking for partners within the agriculture machinery business willing to reach distribution agreements.

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-The machinery can be customized according to the client needs. It can even be adapted to other kind of crops such as chickpeas, beans, corn, beetroot,… -Wide international experience that guarantees a professional services to worldwide partners. -The machinery stands out for its good relationship between quality and price.

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Already on the market

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The Spanish company is looking for worldwide distributors of agricultural machinery. The role of the partner sought is to commercialize the garlic and potato cropping equipment within a defined area.The kind of partnership sought is distribution services agreement.


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