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Spanish company is looking for distributors of its ocular protector for smartphone screens and other electronic devices

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Spanish tech-based company has developed an ocular protector that absorbs part of the wavelength light emitted by smartphones and other electronic devices and reduces visual fatigue. The company is looking for distribution services agreements



Nowadays, people spend more time each day in front of screens, and the number of hours continue to increase, producing blurry vision, dry eyes, or headaches.

New LED screens from smartphones, tablets and computers emit 5 times more short wavelength light than previous electronic devices, which is a risk factor for the retina (especially for children a young adults that lack the natural protective barrier).

This ocular protector addresses this problem by sticking a protective silicon layer on the electronic device screen, which absorbs part of the wavelength light emitted. This technology has been developed by a Spanish company specialized in technologies for consumer electronics.

It has the following features:

-100% tactile layer.
-Avoid scratch marks on the screen.
-Long lasting adhesiveness.
-There are 4 levels of protection according to time spent in front of electronic devices by age range.

This technology has been developed jointly with one of the top Spanish universities as result of 12 years scientific research about the impact of light on ocular health.

The company is looking for distributors of electronic devices willing to cooperate under distribution agreements.

Advantages & innovations

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-Reduces visual fatigue such an eye irritation, itchiness, headache, and blurry vision, etc. -Reduces sleep disorders linked to overexposure of LED screens. -Decreases the risk factor for retinal macular degeneration produced by the negative effects of short wavelength light.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for international partners with experience in the electronic devices sector (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) distribution willing to market this technological product in a designated area under distribution services agreement.