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Spanish company, offering an innovative and sustainable construction/building system that allows to save up to 30% of concrete, is seeking commercial agency agreements.

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Spanish company, specialized in the building sector, has developed an innovative and sustainable system which allows constructors to save up to 30% on concrete in the lightened area and its proportional part of steel and also other associated costs related to logistics and energy. This sustainable system incorporates “hollow bodies” that allow concrete slabs to be lightened providing advantages in all project processes. The company is seeking commercial agency agreements.



Spanish company specialized in building industry has developed this new sustainable construction system. It has been designed implementing the following characteristics: ecological, economic and easy to use.

The main element of this sustainable system is the use of hollow building structures, “hollow bodies” which are manufactured exclusively with recycled plastic materials what optimizes consumption of natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions, 20kg of CO2 by each m2.

By using this economic system constructors can save up to 30% of concrete and its proportional part of steel, in addition costs related to logistics and energy. Furthermore, the system reduces a 80% of the air cargo/load in the building process. Thus, the system reduces the weight of the building structure what also reduce the dimensions of the foundation and pillars and improves the quake behavior of the building.

This innovative system is adaptable to any new construction, housing rehabilitation, etc, allowing freedom of design and execution and an easy installation of pipes and ducts.

The company has already international experience but it is seeking for commercial agency agreements to expand and access new markets.

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The main advantages of this innovative system are the costs saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The hollow building structures are designed and manufactured, under the company know-how, at present in patent process with the patentability approval of the European Patent Agency. The system is completely adaptable to the traditional building process. The structural calculation processes are standardized to be able to be calculated using standard calculation programs. The optimization of the approach and the execution process allows to use standard steel and concrete as well as a simple execution and implementation within the reach of any type of construction company.

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Already on the market

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The company is seeking industrial partners in building sector in order to expand and market its products in their own countries. Partners should have a good knowledge of their country building sector and have a good portfolio of constructors

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500