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A Spanish company offers artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, data science and business intelligence services seeking subcontracting or outsourcing agreement

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The company from Spain uses machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to satisfy client needs. It has a proven track of international projects on different areas (autonomous driving, telecom, logistics or pharma). It seeks for companies, universities or research centers that would like to use cutting edge technologies such as AI, machine learning or data science to improve efficiency. Preferred way to cooperate would be an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.



The SME was established in early 2018 and specializes in providing complex, cutting edge AI and data science solutions for companies. It was founded by a team of experienced engineers in order to apply their knowledge into business sector.
The company possess an expertise understanding of benefits and weaknesses of different algorithms, libraries, frameworks, and technologies and how they best apply to a specific business solution. Applying these solutions would in the last term help the client increase productivity.
Besides, the SME offers consulting services in finding the best fit for data strategies to the organization and building it.
The sectors in which the company has experience are:
• Autonomous driving
• Marketing
• Telecom
• Electric vehicle
• Pharma
Solutions can be designed for any industry or sector, to be deployed as on-premises or cloud-based applications. Such deployments typically increase the productivity and viability of other products and services significantly, by enabling real-time decision-making capacity.
The expertise of the team is extensive in the following fields:
• Machine learning
• Predictive analysis
• Big data
• Cloud computing
• Business intelligence
• Data visualization
• IoT
• Critical software development
As an example, a delivery company uses an automatic learning software developed by the Spanish SME based on machine learning algorithms to optimize and stablish intelligent delivery routing in near real time. With the insights gleaned from this near-immediate analysis of its operations, the client increases the delivers in 15% every year, while driving 30000 fewer kilometres, saving the corresponding litres of fuel and preventing carbon emissions.
The company provide services to clients in the European market, specifically in Spain, United Kingdom and Germany, and is willing to expand its operations to other markets and stablish therefore, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements whit other SMEs, universities and research centres.

Advantages & innovations

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The company combines new ways of working (such as agile development, design thinking, co-creation, etc.) with traditional consulting methods to achieve the best outcome for each individual client. The company has a large network of experts to tap into. The SME offers significant competitive advantage through the development of solutions using high throughput data analysis and visualization engines. • Its expertise and experience in linking business and technology in the fields of AI, data science and digitalization provide a consequent value focus and optimal returns on investment (ROIs) of programs, projects and initiatives. • Custom tailored AI algorithms and the capability to enable machine learning and AI. • The project driven focus of the company ensure end result orientation and development of specific strategies and concepts ready to be implemented and scaled-up successfully. • Expert understanding on how to lead strategies into client's organizations and strategically steer projects. • Flexible across many sectors - currently deployed solutions within logistics, automotive, marketing, and pharma sectors.

Partner sought

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The company is looking for organizations (companies, universities or researcher centres) working in search of management consulting, project development and management or training services; with expertise in the fields of data science, AI, data visualization, cloud computing and innovation. The collaboration is looking for under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500